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  • hokiestock hokiestock Nov 27, 2012 11:11 AM Flag

    Stock Price

    Man this news with Vector and Barefoot 3 would have been worth at least 50 cents if this was over 5 dollars a share. Such incredible fall or demise or destruction or greed or manipulation. OCZ is reminding me of life at times that people and things can beat you down and you just hope that they can produce the right mix, clear their faults and work with their flaws to overcome such an incredible whatever it turns out to be.

    I am tempted to get some more shares but was surprised to not see any movement, I dare say the 4th quarter will be a very good one. OCZ typically peaks in stock price in March and April and in reference to SEC investigations those are usually addressed towards people and only effect about 30 percent of companies stock price.

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    • I don't think we see any traction in stock price until the financials are fully disclosed and their position fully understood. RS stated he is all about transparency to the shareholders but that transparancy has not yet been established. Once it has been then news like this and new design wins will move the stock. Until then you can either watch it daily or accumulate more.

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      • You know I agree with most of that but from day one since I bought this stock I have said there is some conspiracy theory going on here and I am still not convinced that this stock will fly because there are groups with alternative measures or desires. I say all of that watching the Money Flow index the manipulation with bear raids and driving any kind of movement to a halt. I hope I am dead wrong but I have never seen so many consistent writers from certain publication just pound OCZ at any bad news and any good news act like the company never exists. If we see the short percentage continue to decrease with more leveraging news to the upside then yea I agree it will settle into doing what OCZ is worth.

    • I think we will see an impact on the stock price when more reviews come out and the BF3 proves to be one of the best if not the best controller on the market. T

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