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  • tradn2live tradn2live Dec 6, 2012 7:17 PM Flag


    Vertex 4 prices increased because of RS, nothing else. Like any good CEO, he has a profitable business model in mind & not a take market share (I.E. take over the world) business model like RP.

    Inventory should be down huge. I'm predicting w/ the fire sales & likely substantial write down, inventory should go from $120M+ to around $60M (pure guess, not based on facts).

    No matter how well the Vector sells, they'll need to raise funds. As the CFO (crooked or not) stated, $40M in cash would be a healthy level to have on the books. With that said, we know that they have drawn down on some of their credit facility (most likely the max $40M, before they release the 10Q) in order to stay in business. With extra restructuring/hidden costs taken in Q3, it's likely the cash will be below $40M.....The best case senario is that they are able to rework the existing $100M credit facility.. The extra $60M left should be plenty for RS to make the company profitable, unlike RP who blew through $200M & just gave OCZ their worst less ever.

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