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  • mycerebrum4u mycerebrum4u Dec 6, 2012 7:00 PM Flag


    Vertex 4 Prices are up about 30% higher than they were just a few weeks ago. Looks Vector is helping sales across all OCZ lines and there is no desire for OCZ to clearance off the other lines at bargain prices any more. I am extremely curious as to what that big 100+million inventory build is down to now.

    Heck it may be that OCZ changes its tune and doesn't even need to get new funding anymore given the wildly successful launch of Vector since that time which is helping OCZ sales across all their categories. Or watch the new loan extension to be a better than the currently expected terms.


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    • The idea is to brand your controller and Vector series as quickly as possible and with the most return. Sounds like a good business strategy and its the 4th quarter people are going to spend wisely but they will splurge on a wanted item.

    • Vertex 4 prices increased because of RS, nothing else. Like any good CEO, he has a profitable business model in mind & not a take market share (I.E. take over the world) business model like RP.

      Inventory should be down huge. I'm predicting w/ the fire sales & likely substantial write down, inventory should go from $120M+ to around $60M (pure guess, not based on facts).

      No matter how well the Vector sells, they'll need to raise funds. As the CFO (crooked or not) stated, $40M in cash would be a healthy level to have on the books. With that said, we know that they have drawn down on some of their credit facility (most likely the max $40M, before they release the 10Q) in order to stay in business. With extra restructuring/hidden costs taken in Q3, it's likely the cash will be below $40M.....The best case senario is that they are able to rework the existing $100M credit facility.. The extra $60M left should be plenty for RS to make the company profitable, unlike RP who blew through $200M & just gave OCZ their worst less ever.

    • since you can buy the vector 128 for 10 bucks more, the 256 for 34 bucks more, i would think one or the other is going to be nixed from the sales line up. wanna bet which one it is?