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  • superbowlchampstealers2006 superbowlchampstealers2006 Jan 8, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

    amazon review on vector

    By Andrew J. Leonard "Andrew" (New Jersey) - See all my reviews
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    This review is from: OCZ Technology 128GB Vertex 4 Series SATA 6.0 GB/s 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive (SSD) With Industry's Highest 120K IOPS And 5-Year Warranty - VTX4-25SAT3-128G (Personal Computers)
    It took me a while to justify spending the money on a SSD (Solid State Drive) but after watching countless youtube videos and reading reviews about how much faster they were than regular HDDs (Hard Disk Drive), I decided to get one. I had looked around and found a lot of Solid State Drives with good reviews, but among them OCZ's Vertex line seemed to be the one that pulled out ahead in the benchmarks. Im glad that I decided on this one!

    The drive has the highest IOPS (Input/Output Operations per Second) that I've seen online so far and it is based on OCZ's own Indilinx controller. Their previous SSD the Vertex 3 was based on a Sandforce controller. When OCZ bought Indilinx in 2009, I guess one could guess that they would incorporate that technology into their future products and they did. Basically what this means is that every part of the drive is built and supervised by OCZ themselves. There isn't any 3rd party hardware or software on the drive thats not from OCZ. In my opinion, this makes the drive more reliable.



    I installed it into my early 2011 13" Macbook Pro replacing my old standard HDD and its baffling how fast my system as a whole has become. A fresh boot takes anywhere between 8-9 seconds almost every time! Compare this to the usual 55-60 seconds I was waiting around staring at my screen with my old HDD and you tell me which one you would choose.

    Every application I click on instantly pops up and is ready for use; even large applications like iPhoto or Garageband load instantly. I even did what I saw on a youtube video and loaded about 20 applications at once and they all started popping up instantly with everything loaded within 7-9 seconds. Crazy.


    If you aren't familiar with the steps involved in taking out the hard drive and popping in the solid state I would suggest just searching youtube. I did it for my Macbook Pro and after unscrewing all of the little screws which were a pain everything else was really easy. Unlike another review I saw, my Mac immediately recognized the drive and I was able to format it and install a fresh version of OSX Lion. I can't speak for other PCs but I would assume that almost any computer would have no problem recognizing the drive.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure you have a backup of your data if you want everything to be exactly the same on your new SSD. I backed up all of my stuff to an external hard drive, installed the new SSD and used Migration Assistant to get all of my files, music, photos, etc. back onto the new SSD which took about 25 minutes total, but the time it takes depends on how much data you have. So if you have tons of photos, music, videos, and other files that your transferring don't blame the drive if it takes longer than that!


    As opposed to an HDD which has a spinning disk inside of it, an SSD has no moving parts and therefore makes no noise. So my laptop is completely silent, which is pretty cool. The only thing I can hear if I go in real close is the slow whir of the fan.



    The only problem I had with this is my drive (which i was so excited to receive mind you) got lost by USPS. After contacting Amazon they said that they would send another one out free of charge and with free one day shipping. So kudos to Amazon.

    If you are contemplating whether or not you should make the jump to an SSD my advice would be to do it. God as my witness, I promise there will be no regrets. The speed increase is extremely noticeable and everything you do on your computer will be snappier than ever.

    I've also included some links to optimizing your system to get the most out of your SSD for both Mac and Windows users.

    Windows: [...]

    Mac: [...]

    * Also if anyone is wondering if the installation of an SSD will void any Apple warranty, it does not. In the booklet you get when you purchase your mac it tells you which parts are user replaceable. In my case the RAM and Hard Drive were listed as user replaceable. The warranty does not however cover anything you break while you're messing around in your machine so as long as you don't break anything you should be good. Just double check what parts are listed as user replaceable in your booklet.
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