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  • superbowlchampstealers2006 superbowlchampstealers2006 Jan 8, 2013 10:52 AM Flag

    new egg reviews on vertex

    Solid drive, extremely fast
    Pros: Bought one of these to act as the primary (and sole) drive in a compact PC for my mother. First personal experience with an SSD, and wow - I have *never* seen a system react so quickly. Windows 7 HP x64 boots to desktop in ~17-18s, and that's without messing with UEFI(BIOS) options like skipping boot checks, etc. Full restart (shutdown and subsequent reboot) takes ~30s. Open Firefox, an Office 07 program, etc. - it's right there, absolutely no wait.

    They say that people with heavily blocked arteries are amazed how much energy they have after they go through bypass surgery. I guess it's hard to really grasp just how much one bottleneck is slowing you down until after you remove it. :P

    Cons: Firmware wasn't the most recent out of the box, but updating it is simple enough - provided you can follow directions. ;)

    Do be sure to update it first, though. The 1.4 firmware in particular gives a huge boost to write speeds - nearly doubling them on the 128GB version.

    Other Thoughts: How to update your OCZ Vertex 4 firmware:

    1) DO NOT install an OS or put any data on your Vertex before updating the firmware - the updating process will erase any data present on the drive!
    2) Connect your Vertex to another computer
    3) Download and run the OCZ Toolbox
    4) Select your Vertex and tell the Toolbox to update its firmware
    5) When Toolbox has completed the update, the drive must be power cycled. Turn your computer off and back on again (don't just restart - actually turn it off and then back on). If you have connected the Vertex through a dock or enclosure, such as a Thermaltake BlacX, cut and restore power to the dock/enclosure before turning the computer back on.
    6) Your firmware should now be updated! Run Toolbox again to be sure.

    Once you've done that, optimize! If you're running Windows 7, google "Sean's Windows 7 Install Guide" - particularly helpful if you're using a traditional hard drive as a secondary drive for deep storage.

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