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  • ru4heaven ru4heaven Jan 15, 2013 10:25 AM Flag

    Cash burn critical right now We need funds Bad

    Working the numbers. Its critical now January 15 to get a shot of cash injection. Buying spot nand and still running negative profits day to day. At the last little update of 15 in cash and 15 in debt. Now we should be getting close to 55 in debt. I agree OCZ has got other things to get done now. Going to depth con 3 critical status

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    • Domino dude has no clue what he is talking about, the company has taken steps to improve cash flow already by laying %30 of its workforce, this has reduced the opex to 28-30m a quarter.
      Handling of AR has improved, DSO has decreased, this has contributed positvely as well.
      Old inventory is being turned into cash instead of being written off, another positive development.

      By looking at the vector and vertex stocks, the production seems to be continiuing, so right now its not that critical.

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      • i have no clue? you sir are a novice. i have been long this stock almost 2 years, you just came in a few weeks ago. Yes, they RS said opex is reduced from 27-30M, but we have 15M cash left and we don't know the terms of the credit line which is at 15M. The only positive is that RS said we have about ~75M in inventory left. Problem is we don't know what kind of inventory that is (Enterprise NAND, what node?) so it's hard to say how much of that can be converted to cash quickly. And we don't know how much of that inventory is going into Vertex or Vector lines. And RS has publicly stated that they NEED an injection of cash! What the heck are you talking about when we say we don't need CASH to sustain operations? Margins on consumer drives average about 18-19% and E-prise range from 40-60 with a 70/30 mix in consumer/entreprise. So we need about 110M just to breakeven! You sir are a clown if you don't understand these facts.

      • Guys, please show us your estimates so we compare them.

    • OCZ have sold a boat load of SSD's....Meaning lots of $$. Will they need more to expand, maybe, but watch OCZ stock rocket when numbers are released.

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      • OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (OCZ) designs, manufactures, and distributes solid-state drives (SSDs) and computer components. OCZ designs and manufactures SSDs in a variety of form factors and interfaces including Serial advanced technology attachment (SATA), serial-attached small computer system interface (SAS), peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe), as well as the development of flash management software, caching and virtualization software. The Company is also a provider of flash controller silicon and firmware for SSDs. In addition to SSD technology, OCZ offers power management products. The Company focuses on two markets: hard disk drive (HDD) replacement format market and storage area network (SAN) acceleration/replacement market. On January 9, 2012, the Company acquired Sanrad Inc. On October 24, 2011, it completed the acquisition of certain assets from PLX Technology, Inc. On March 25, 2011, it completed the acquisition of 100% interests of Indilinx Co., Ltd.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • do you understand cash flow at all?

    • As the minister said to the congregation " first we crawled, then we walked and now we need more money so we can RUN!" A lone voice shouted out "Let it crawl Rev, let it crawl". No doubt the company needs more cash and will show a devastating 2Nd Q and 3Rd Q with a restatement of the 1St Q as well as another for 2012 to top off the steaming pile. They need some good news...and then dilution will follow.