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  • littlezach1 littlezach1 Jan 18, 2013 6:00 PM Flag

    Thoughts for this weekend

    First off, I suggested yesterday that they might give us earnings today. I was wrong. I would hope that we're all adult enough to admit that we're wrong when we are. (I'm looking at you Pipster. If they don't get a letter tomorrow, I'm sure you'll admit you were wrong, right?)

    Also, I'm dying to know something that I don't understand. For the bashers like JohnKelley and the pumpers like Superbowlstealers, what is it you are trying to accomplish here by posting your trash? I just want one of you to tell me what your motives are. Because if we haven't already ignored you, we certainly aren't making financial decisions based on your all-caps ranting. So why do you do it?

    Have a good weekend everyone!

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    • littlezach1...ever seen a child make as much commotion as possible to get attention? Same thing here with certain people...cussing, name calling, grandiose predictions without any supporting data or rationale. I sometimes wonder if several different "identities" are used by the same person, each with fanatical opposing "opinions"...for the purpose of twisting as many tails as possible with their message posts. Finding a saner and more informative forum to discuss stocks is on my short list of things to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    • Falcons beat the 49ers and the Patriots beat the Ravens.

      Go Falcons! I am still bitter we got whooped back in 98 by the damn Broncos and Elway!

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      • After watching last week's games, it's nearly impossible for any sane person to pick the Falcons.

        They only have one thing going for them: No one believes they're going to win.


        San Francisco has a better coach. San Francisco has a better defense. San Francisco's offense, when it's firing, is much better. San Francisco just overhauled its offensive scheme and Atlanta might not even know how to prepare.

        The New England Patriots have best coach/team in the league and I believe they will get to and win the Super Bowl.

        Back on topic.......are your investments making money?

        Hint: This week, not only did the Dow Jones, S&P 500 made 5 year highs, but the Russel 2000 made an all time highs.

        Life is good.

    • johnkelly i seen on other boards, i don't think he invests just posts trash to get people riled up, just like the timberguy.

      if you ever read a lot of MB you will see both of them around. look at solar stocks or ones that lose alot AH.

      also you will see it why you think the selloff at end of day/ah? they missed it, they had to report or get a letter, then they have one day to say they got it. that is tonight, wouldn't be surprised if you see it pop up right after ah closed.