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  • ru4heaven ru4heaven Jan 28, 2013 11:15 PM Flag

    SNDK triple ssd growth in report into 2014, STX declining growth and future decline in sells

    OCZ has double digit growth. R S said nothing about needing a cash injection at last update. Good possibility no more funds needed with increase sells at higher prices.

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    • Yes there was a whole article out last week about SSD to growth to double this year alone. Lets Say OCZ does not double but grows by 50% and enterprise grows by 100% and margins increase 5% and expenses are reduced to proper norms you can see how OCZ becomes profitable or if not bringing in 500 million in revenues or more and catching alot of attention. OCZ is becoming a player again and it seems they are focusing on three core or 4 core areas. First consumer, Second Enterprise, Third hopefully OEM, and fourth gaming. They won a small gaming computer deal a few weeks ago for a company that makes supped up gaming computers in the gaming world. Gaming seems to be getting ready for major storage upgrade because of the XBox 720 something that many do not talk about it and its coming SSD storage will be used more and more in gaming.

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