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  • tvtman tvtman Feb 13, 2013 6:48 AM Flag

    "SMOKING" Alpha now saying OCZ Buy Out!

    I'm confinced that the clown, Austin Crai,g has some type of agenda with OCZ. Maybe not "IN" the Boiler Room, but many direct speed dials to those boys.

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    • austinwcraig Feb 14, 2013 7:32 PM Flag

      I got a good laugh out of this. The "agenda" is simple. It is fun to write about OCZ. The company is screwed but that does not mean someone will not buy them out. The links are solid and if you do not like the article by all means please write a counter argument. Show me how OCZ will convince business types that a company w/ an SEC investigation and multiple shareholder lawsuits, 9 million bucks will fight EMC, IBM, FIO, and even the weak STEC. Thats just the tip of the iceberg. No, this company will get bought out given time. Write an article!

    • I didn't think the article was off base. Buyout is the best solution at this point. Regardless of RPs silly boasts about being the next STX. Man was that guy full of sheet.

    • These guys are amazing. Who writes an article around a false dichotomy between two of the LEAST likely things to happen in the near term? The more likely path is to sell off the power supply business immediately, secure a PIPE and new line of credit after the numbers come out, and build around the enterprise business and new revenue baseline. These SA articles are pure entertainment. They should just write comedy pilots for the WB.

    • Paid to write garbage by big shorters. There is never anything of substance in the alpha stories, EVER. You have to notice they come out right after a runup. The big shorts know they have to cover VERY SOON. This is just another trick to try to free up shares to buy to cover. Seen it all too many times. I am surprised we do not see more "shareholder" lawsuits frivilously filed, another tactic big shorters use. They never even make it to court, the filings are by a paid lawyer in bed with the shorters trying to drive the price down.

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