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  • dbaser97 dbaser97 Feb 19, 2013 11:35 AM Flag

    Ex pumpers, turned into bashers.

    Mr ashraf and austin craig
    Less than a year ago these guys were constantly pumping this stock, when it hit 1.14, ashraf wrote an article urging people to get out of the stock. Now it trades at nearly 2x that valuation.
    Ashraf is a college kid trading with 400-500 shares, he writes an article saying that he got burned. Very funny :D

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    • Always fade Assraf. I've never seen any of his anal-ysis to be on point.

    • austinwcraig Feb 19, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

      I write it as I see it. A year back OCZ was a very different company (O if only I knew I what I know) but anyway.. a year back it was a far different company. Growth was amazing, gross margins were rising, we had barefoot 3 to look forward to that would increase gross margins even further. A possible NAND deal was a big push. SSD's were projected to grow at a tremendous rate (and still are) and the competition while strong was nothing like it is today.

      Now we have 20/20 vision and we realize that the books were cooked. The upper management knew it, the consumer side is a battle that is lost, enterprise is a very steep hill given the low cash position and debt ocz has. SEC and shareholder lawsuits are pending and sucking time, money, and resources out of the company. "New" management came on and took huge sums of money from a company that is quite frankly on the starving for cash (yes I know they have the reduced wells fargo line of credit).. still.. 9 million does not go far.

      So yes, I had high hopes for OCZ. I actually sold the last few calls I had in the company today when I saw the stupid vertex 3 news. So now I have no position what so ever. I will continue to write and "pump" and "bash" OCZ as they do good and bad things. If you want the articles to take on a better tone I suggest you tell OCZ to get its act in line. I understand how frustrating it can be to read constant bashing (or pumping) but look at it this way. My articles are not w/o facts. Everything I write is backed up by links and what the company is saying. I'm just regurgitating what the company is disclosing. If anything consider me a devils advocate. I am still mystified that they do not license out barefoot 3.

    • Im pretty sure he said he only had 100 shares lol, must have burned bad huh?