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  • lesliecamper Mar 26, 2013 9:36 AM Flag

    Pipster, Yesterday there was a mad rush to BUY shares of OCZ and you posted blatant lies to cover it up. Why?

    I rarely post more than two days in a row since my initial entry into the world of Yahoo message boards. The novelty wore off quickly and I was letting my personal life fall apart. So I often wonder how people like pipster have the time to spend every day of their lives trying to manipulate a stock and scare newcomers just so they can buy more shares. But today I just had to return for an explanation from pipster himself, as to why he posted blatant lies yesterday and when confronted by Anna Paula about those blatant lies, he quietly disappeared and did not respond with an explanation of why he posts blatant lies. So why don't you be a man, pipster, and just admit that you are a manipulator, lacking of all ethics, and will post blatant lies if it means you can buy more shares OCZ more easily.

    Also, do you know something about a BUYOUT of OCZ because those are the threads that you repeatedly tried to discredit with blatant lies yeaterday? Certainly, you can now understand that many of us have now become even more curious as to why you would discredit facts with lies if it would suggest a buyout of OCZ is coming very soon.

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    • You must be new. Pipster is the paid basher of the board. Every board has one.

    • so leslie where it this "mad rush" at?

      talk about blatant lies LOL... another long who needs meds!!!!

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      • pippishortstockings, leslie is my queen so you leave her alone! we share the same stocks and hopefully the same bed someday!

        You love to twist things because she made an assumption that there will be other days with mad rushes to buy just like we had 2 days ago. However, what you did is post a bald faced lie in an effort to control the mad rush of buying which threatens your short position or options. I used to think you were a sophisticated short pretending to be a dumb novice to bash., Now I understand it is just the opposite and you are actually a dumb novice trying to be a sophisticated short while you bash.

        if you remain short this stock, I am afraid you are heading to bk soon enough. Only someone who is truly a novice would should this stock and I am telling this as just a novice because that how obvious it is. OCZ , ROCK & ROLL!!!!!!

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      • rorystreamer i love how you say the CEO was fired and the CFO quit? what in the world??? either both were fired or both quit! it would be safe to say both were fired but the CFO knew nothing happen very fast so he bilked it for all it is worth!

        then you ramble on about PLX Technology??? what in the world? you do know the merger there fell through? you do know that RS jumped ship right when this was happening? you do know that the shareholders are trying to force a sale there! so do some homework son!

        btw you should know ocz bought the PCIe design team from PLX? yet PLX retained all their products and still sells them into the same space as OCZ does? another weird but true fact about this shady company!

      • There was a late rally subject to those who heard first new CEO was appointed. The shorts have nothing to work with anymore. Lets start with the most important, Leadership & Management. The CEO.. fired. The CFO... retired. Remember, since 2008, RS served as president and CEO of PLX Technology, Inc. Torres wasat one time CFO and Vice President of Finance for PLX Technology. RS still remains on the board for PLX, so the BOD prior to RP getting the can, was interviewing RS and most likely creating an exit for Aurthur and appointing Torres as CFO. That was almost a year ago they were planning this. Point being, $OCZ has gotten murdered no doubt, I loved this company and made $, then when #$%$ hit the fan I shorted the heck out of it, now with the tides turning, there is tremendous upside. Of course, the 5 Q's of numbers play a huge factor as well as another filing delay, so myself and others are realistic. But im sure they discussed how to approach this and we are witnessing it first hand... its not a matter of "if" its "when" and once these numbers are disclosed, you will understand that this wont be a $1.80 stock.

    • anapaula16sp Mar 26, 2013 10:10 AM Flag

      OT, leslie, will you be at the Faculty Lunch today? I want your opinion on a few other stocks that you advised me on last week. I am not sure how many and when to buy them.

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      • lesliecamper Mar 26, 2013 12:55 PM Flag

        Sorry Ana, I just saw your message. It will have to be another day, I have some other engagements. Why on earth would anyone give your off topic message the thumbs down?
        There are some very disturbed people on these boards.

        Back on topic, I see pipster still never explained why he finds a need to post blatant lies.
        Is his short position in that much trouble?
        I have been toying with the idea to buy more shares for no other reason than these signs of weakness that the shorts leave on the message board.

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