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  • specialfedagentfortoschitigh specialfedagentfortoschitigh Apr 11, 2013 11:22 AM Flag

    Insiders Tied To Pipster, Ashraf, Johnny etc. Hold You Shares & Understand How it Works

    The crew here works with insiders of all different companies. They manipulate stocks while bashing & blogging, w/ Market Makers fixing the trade and do this while knowing all along what news will come and when. They are a small group working for insiders of many companies. You will recognize their mode of operation on many other tech and biotech boards which they specialize in. They are rewarded with insider info from insiders regularly. Do you realize how much that is worth?

    In a case like this where good news is expected but nobody but insiders know when, it is beneficial for the pps to go down significantly before the news is released. Why?

    Because it lowers their cost and tax liability on options coming but even more importantly, insiders can not buy shares until several days after the good news comes out. The way this crew is working so hard and the false BK story indicates the news will be amazing. There may even be a buyout after the news but amazing either way. While you all are buying cheap shares, the insiders can not participate. What do you think will happen to the pps when good news is released? It will soar and if a buyout comes later, all you guys got the shares dirt cheap while the insiders pay a huge premium on new shares purchased after the news and their tax liability is increased by multiples because they have to exercise them at much higher values. This crew puts themselves for hire ( or at least the high ranking member whose name I will not disclose at this time and the crew works under him). They will work the pps as low as possible with bashing, blogging and their market makers fixing the trades on the inside.

    What they are paid with in return is constant ever-flowing insider information which allows the crew to make fortunes on a regular basis. The crew has ties everywhere in the medical , tech and financial fields and most likely handpicked the CEO straight out of a company in the biotech sector that they have been working with for years.

    How can you win? Well, you could make numerous reports to the SEC and alert them. The SEC will in turn put the matter under investigation and will take forever while having a difficult time proving things. They have had brushes in civil court with companies, the law and the SEC in the past but it is usually limited to one or two individuals who gets a slap on the wrist at most. Sometimes they get fined but usually negotiate the fine down to nearly nothing and most often are never fined or charged for the real crimes but something less serious.

    The only other way to win is to hold your shares at whatever price you bought them at. If any major buyer steps to the plate and secures a large block, they then must be sure to push it down further until they secure even more shares for less to remain in control of the trade. Sure, the pps will start to rebound from this crucifixion but by the time the good news comes out and the insiders' options come in and they are allowed to start buying shares on the open market again, the pps and tax liabilities are going to be substantially lower then had they not employed the services of this crew.

    So, why buy and hold if you can move on to something else where the manipulation is not happening? Because the manipulation is happening in most stocks worthy of buying. Why not buy where the manipulation is not so intense or out of control? The more intense and severe the manipulation, the more likely the stock is going to have some major bullish news pushing the share price up several hundreds of a percent. In some of the most severe cases, a buyout is already known to be coming after the insiders secure options and load up on the open market. Remember, when insiders start buying, that in itself is going to make the price soar. They can not buy until after the news hits. If the crew had not attacked the pps beforehand, insiders would end up spending at least 10x more than what the rest of you are paying. Boo hoo, they don't like that. Boo hoo, you don't like that. Boo hoo, the world is corrupt! Boo hoo, the world is corrupt but you can't make money until you acknowledge this and work with what you know.

    Sure this crew should be on prison but likely they won't be. They instead are going to continue being rewarded insider info on every news event and be referred to other insiders to work their same magic with other companies. Nobody is going to help you unless you help your self and that is by holding whatever you have and buying more.

    I am sorry to be the bearer of this type of news but it is also good news if you use it to your advantage. Remember, nobody else is going to help you unless you help yourself! Investor relations won't because they are kept in the dark. Yahoo won't and Seeking Alpha won't. They let this trash be put out there with no checks or balances. The SEC have limited resources and they have people planted in all these organizations mentioned along with the market makers and all the other website bloggers. Good luck. They will likely try to ridicule this message and bury it. Just keep copying and pasting or bumping it up.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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