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  • rorystreamer rorystreamer Apr 29, 2013 6:09 PM Flag

    News of Alleged Upcoming of OCZ Vertex 5 SSD

    Thursday, April 11, 2013

    Sources are reporting that OCZ Technology may be readying a new generation of its Vertex line of high-performance consumer SSDs. To be called the Vertex 5,OCZ may be preparing to bring a new flagship product to market, supplanting the Vector series.

    OCZ and others have been chasing Samsung and its 840 and 840PRO series, which lately have been pretty much dominating the performance segment of consumer SSDs with their aggressive pricing. With yesterdays release of the very low priced Crucial M500 SSD, Samsung may soon be chasing sales at the 1TB level. The Vertex 5 would likely utilize the Barefoot 3 controller like the Vector, albeit with some likely firmware tweaks. Sporting 20nm MLC NAND Flash, the Vertex 5 lineup would come in the expected 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB capacities.

    With 1TB drives now becoming available, it might be interesting to see if OCZ jumps into that space as well. Actually, it would be interesting to just see a bit oif confirmation on the new Vertex 5 to start. One step At a Time… Stay tuned!

    Rumors are pointing to a late May of 2013 launch but we can put our word on the fact that this is a bit premature…maybe more than a bit. If anything, we might suggest announcement and previewing at Computex. Stay tuned for more details as they become available. Article at ssd review

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    • That would explain the disappearance of the Vertex 4 from the channel

    • It seems to me whether it be late May or early June, it seems that $OCZ will be having a very busy month. $OCZ will be at three events this month, and one in beginning of june (So 4) and announcing Vertex 5, plus the 5 Q's of undisclosed fininacials. This is going to be above $2 very soon.

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      • jvdfinance Apr 29, 2013 6:54 PM Flag

        I sure hope so. I'm long this company and hoping they have a few tricks to pull out.
        Bottom line is, their success will all depend on the financials.
        -If they release information that the company is not sustainable, their price will drop.
        -If they announce that the company is sustainable but struggling, the still will go up marginally.
        -If they announce that they are sustainable and are likely to be profitable in the near future, the stock will hit around $2 and maybe higher.
        -If they announce that they're well on the way to recovery and can be profitable within less than a quarter, they will probably be around $3
        -If they, by some miracle, announce that they've attained some major contracts and can guaranty their profitability in the very near future, they'll break $4 quite fast.
        My 2 cents on possible scenarios :)