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  • madcoweater1 madcoweater1 May 3, 2013 9:06 AM Flag

    Proof that OCZ is deployed in the Azure Infrastruture

    Thanks to a post by fwhite404, I found this info regarding an error message that a developer was getting on Azure:

    "I just first tried running this script from cmd by executing powershell E:\CI\OCZDeployment\publish_cloud_service.ps1 -environment Staging -serviceName "ocz" -storageAccountName "t2vsoft" -packageLocation OCZ.cspkg -cloudConfigLocation ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg -subscriptionDataFile E:\CI\OCZDeployment\SubscriptionDataFile.publishsettings -selectedsubscription "Development Subscription"

    , where the publishsettings file is downloaded from Azure."

    Search for "Azure OCZ stackoverflow" and you'll find it. Wow! RP wasn't lying.

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    • Old news, BUT...maybe, just maybe
      Microsoft's Azure cloud slides onto OCZ flash
      By Chris Mellor • Get more from this author
      Posted in Cloud, 8th June 2012 16:18 GMT
      Hands on with Hyper-V 3.0 and virtual machine movement
      Microsoft is taking the fight to Amazon, cutting Azure cloud storage transaction prices by 90 per cent.
      A statement on Microsoft's Windows Azure team blog says: "We heard you loud and clear that you want cheaper transaction costs for Windows Azure Blobs, Tables, Queues, and Drives. We are therefore very pleased today to slash transaction prices 10 fold for Windows Azure Storage and CDN. This means that it now costs $0.01 for 100,000 transactions ($1 per 10 million)."
      Microsoft introduced this and new features, "including built-in VM, Web site, Storage, and Cloud Service monitoring support," for Azure on Wednesday, by way of a blog written by Scott Guthrie, a Microsoft Developer Division VP. Azure now supports the ability to deploy and run durable virtual machines (VMs), that is VMs whose state persists across reboots.
      Guthrie's blog mentions other new features added to Azure: "New Virtual Private Networking capabilities, new Service Bus runtime and tooling support, the public preview of the new Azure Media Services, new Data Centers, significantly upgraded network and storage hardware, SQL Reporting Services, new Identity features, support within 40+ new countries and territories, and much, much more."
      Solid state
      The new "storage hardware" is thought to include solid state drives (SSDs) and these are, informed sources say, OCZ drives.
      According to a Gigaom source, Azure's "all-SSD block storage infrastructure boosts performance and differentiates Azure from AWS, which offers solid state storage, but only with some higher-end services like DynamoDB".
      OCZ CEO Ryan Petersen said in the latest OCZ earnings call that the company had recently won business from "a leading cloud and content delivery provider"...cont.

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      • This is now thought to be Azure.
        Our sources close to OCZ tell us that the world's largest independent SSD company is supplying SSDs, possibly Z-Drive R4 drives with VXL caching software, to Microsoft for use by the Azure cloud. That would be a huge win for OCZ and elevate its credibility as an enterprise SSD supplier sky-high. ®

    • I think i got a little ahead of myself here. Looks like the directory name is on a local drive which holds a script the author is trying to deploy on Azure. This is not proof of anything. RETRACT

    • This could be something more where OCZ is the customer in this situation, getting help from t2vsoft for sales or distribution channel optimization and that company is doing complex calculations in Azure to optimize OCZ's strategy. This does not look to me like they are integrating hardware in Azure. This is a customer of Microsoft Azure (t2vsoft) deploying software.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • RP speaking out openly about MSFT may have broke a NDA and may have cost OCZ the contract.
      I think RS has a good chance to rekindle that relationship.
      We do know that OCZ is not receiving major revenue from any major enterprise.
      We also know that OCZ has Beta testing being done currently. We also know
      that OCZ and MSFT have some type of relationship. Any large company wants
      a mainstream and reliable vendor, OCZ is not that company. OCZ will need financial
      backing and support from that large company. When this is the case all NDA’s will be lifted and OCZ will soar, making OCZ that reliable and mainstream vendor. The question is ; Does OCZ have a product good enough to induce such a large client? It may be a long shot but very possible and probable, imo.

    • so how good is this news? on the sideline and waiting to load up about 20k$ worth.