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  • ru4heaven ru4heaven Jul 11, 2013 8:27 AM Flag

    OLD news But why OCZ is worth 1.5Billion in the end, If your not in the SSD market your out of the game. IBM

    TOTAL Revenue PIE chart: Samsung 23.2% being the top dog is not a surprise, but Intel 14.7% in the number two spot is unexpected, particularly contrasting with Micron's 3.3% lowly position. Toshiba 9.2% is in third place, Fusion-io 5.8% is fourth, just ahead of SanDisk 5%, with OCZ 4% still doing well in sixth place. After that there is a long tail of vendors with the market overall being quite fragmented. (Google 3.7%, MU 3.3%,WD 3%, Liteon 2.9%, Netapp 2.7%, Stec 2.1%, Kingston 2%, Smart storage 1.6%)
    Enterprise Market: Intel in the lead, followed by Fusion-io, then Samsung... and Google! Where did that one come from? After WD's 7.1 per cent the tailend suppliers end at OCZ with everyone else in the "Others" category.
    We are very pleased to win the Best of Interop award for our ZD-XL SQL Accelerator in the Data Center & Storage category at one of the industry's premier technology events for IT professionals who leverage leading-edge solutions to power their businesses.(CEO-RS)
    The Best of Interop Judging Committee, comprised of 16 award-winning IT editors and analysts, reviewed nearly 150 entries and selected finalists based on the products with significant technical impact and the most potential of advancing the business technology market.
    OCZ complete portfolio of enterprise storage solutions including the SATA based Deneva 2, Talos 2 SAS drive, and Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSD Series, featuring the newest ZD-XL SQL Accelerator that represents the convergence of enterprise hardware and software as one tightly integrated, optimized solution, ensuring that appropriate and readily available data is on SSD flash when a SQL Server needs it.

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    • MSFT expects 1000% growth

    • rqtect Jul 11, 2013 4:34 PM Flag

      I am shocked and no way can Intel SSD Drives be # 2.... Intel's SSD drives are the worst Slow and Buggy anyone im the IT world knows not to buy Intel Drives. only thing worse than intel drive is Kingston's and good luck trying to get a rebate check from kingston for anything Kingston is a Total scam.. OCZ still has 590 mil is sales .

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It all matters how you slice the pie so to speak. If you just want to know how revenue for the whole SSD market shakes out then the top three players are:
      1. Samsung 2. Intel 3. Toshiba
      But for the most part this is a useless number.

      If you want to know who is selling the most low margin products well the top three are:
      1. Samsung 2. Toshiba 3. Intel

      Now if you care about enterprise or the high margin products then the top three are:
      1. Intel 2. Fusion 3. Samsung

      The market that matters is not the high volume low margin business. That business will end being dominated for the near term by companies like Samsung, Intel, Toshiba along with newcomers Seagate/WD but will eventually get eaten up by the cloud and mobile. The business that matters and the one everyone cares about is the higher margin enterprise business because that is what data centers like Apple and the cloud are built on.

    • "TOTAL Revenue PIE chart"

      now since they said we cooked the books why in the world would you even post this? to remind everyone that they did cook the books?

    • What are Intel's enterprise products? What do we know about Google?

      • 1 Reply to madcoweater1
      • I think it has more to do with who the end user is and not necessarily the products themselves. But it could also be products they sell direct and don't market to the general public. No matter what products Intel is selling into the enterprise you can almost guarantee these customer require higher reliability and support so they will command a higher margin.