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  • domino54 domino54 Jul 21, 2013 8:57 AM Flag

    Ocz jobs

    Continue to hire according to their LinkedIn website. Sales Manager Enterprise Storage and engineering program manager the past few days.

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    • Is working at a troubled company advisable?

      Troubled meaning heading into bankruptcy, having a deserved bad reputation, struggling to survive, or going through a turnaround.

      It all depends on whether you want to just spend your time doing something, or invest it wisely building a stronger career.

    • New employees needed for growth and expansion.

    • austinwcraig Jul 21, 2013 11:15 AM Flag

      Employees continue to leave.

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      • $OCZ is a small San Jose based company. That is located in central CA. If you have been there its nothing special. I would rather live in Santa Barbara, Cal Poly or even further north in SF. But San Jose? No thanks, been there a few times and caught a Sharks game not too long ago. Point being, San Jose is not that great of a place to live (no offense to those who live there, comparing to SB/SF). So when speaking about jobs and companies etc, it would be fair to say san jose is not palo alto. In time more and more tech co's and other companies will flee south in search for cheaper commercial space and will land in san jose, but as of today there are a handful of legit companies to work for in san jose when being referred to as "top notch qualified talent." And if you are amazing and gifted at your job and everyone wants you, you will take that position and move to San Francisco or Palo Alto and build your mansion next to another tech geek. But we are talking about san jose, and there are a ton of people looking for working as CA is still at 8% unemployment and population is increasing up and down the coast. Again I don't work there and cant say it sucks or it doesn't. However, it has to be 10X better over the course of last year with Ralph as CEO. He added a social media campaign and is doing things that RP wasn't doing, which is keeping up with the times. Employees will always come and go. Hard to pinpoint who left and why. So what is important is that they are hiring. That is a good sign after cutting 28% 1 year ago.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • How do they keep putting out new award winning products that receive rave reviews if everybody keeps leaving?