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  • bobdbeerman bobdbeerman Sep 5, 2013 3:03 PM Flag

    the management doesnt care about you.

    they are there to please institutional investors and paint rosie pictures(lie about financial projections like RP did, among many lies and lawsuits now OCZ is faced with) to raise capital. they are there to fund their salaries!

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    • RP was doing things for a while trying to grow business at all costs. He wanted $OCZ to be $FIO size, he said that when a few analysts at $MERR covered them in March 2011. Yes there are lawsuits. None of those include RS and current mgmt. We will know more when they file. $OCZ has done everything they can to remain on Nasdaq and with the deadline nearing, expect $OCZ to file the delinquent quarters specified by Nasdaq. $OCZ management hasn't been the most transparent, that is well known. With the CEO putting this off, and putting it off, now nearing to the deadline... It's anyone's guess as what will happen.

      The fact is $OCZ will file. With narrowing down the figures for Q'2 & Q'3 eight months ago, then updating Q'4 months later, then updating Q'1 a few months later and both press releases referenced Q'2 in regards to NAND supply issues still remaining... It seems that those quarters should be completed and released shortly. The problems for the accounting issues have also been identified. First in 2012, then more information was slowly rolled out saying that they found other issues that stem back to 2009 and are working diligently to get these completed and filed. Well it's September 2013 and $OCZ has not filed yet and it seems the street is waiting.... And waiting.., and waiting.... If there is good news here... $OCZ soars

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    • of course they don't this why they giving themselves options a $0, they could at least put it at current prices, but nope lol...