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  • bobdbeerman bobdbeerman Sep 16, 2013 8:13 AM Flag

    How I see this whole mess playing out

    1. OCZ does not file financials
    2. Nasdaq delists the company
    3. Stock price depreciates significantly
    4. OCZ out of money, forced into BK
    5. Hercules decided to settle with OCZ and takeover the company
    6. Shareholders get ZERO
    7. Hercules fires current management, restructures company
    8. Hercules relists the company on a stock exchange and makes big profit

    Reuuse, recycle again and small shareholders get nothing.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Bob - You are a bona fide IDIOT. Cannot wait to ping you when all of that does NOT happen.

      • 1 Reply to lonerangerohio
      • What BOB will see is GOOGLE GLASSES and watches every where. Internet TV and FAST LTE device streaming games, entertainment and sporting events. Internet concerts live and people on their phones all day long. This will be brought to people with Cloud feeds and huge data centers. GOOGLE MSFT and the players are building new DATA centers and gearing up. SSDs are finaly being an option and OCZ could be in the mix.

    • 1) Hangs around $1.50 through option expiration this Friday
      2) Gradually starts moving up as we get closer to Oct 7
      3) Sometime before Oct 7 OCZ files financials to remain on NASDAQ
      4) stock explodes over $2.00
      5) OCZ announces better than expected earnings
      6) stock rallies above $2.50
      7) sometime before end of year, OCZ bought out for $4.50+ a share

    • Any cave man that can read see data centers going to Solid State and building for new cloud intensive storage. The watches /glasses and smaller devices go through the users phone and the cloud. INTERNET TV and streaming will boom. NEW phones will support new APPS and smaller wearable devices. OCZ is going to be taken out by a big player. The ground up technology is going to put somebody back into the forefront of storage and the micro device sector. Big data, cloud computing, and other enterprise applications are going to be tailored to the individual...................... INFORMATION is going to be Made available every where with easy access.