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  • gregory.lynn Sep 19, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    Ralph Schmitt - 372,340 reasons why the shorts are wrong about RS

    RS has been the target of attack by shorts on this board, but what you need to ask yourself is why would somebody with such a great history and track record be out to get you? The answer is obvious, he is not.

    There are at least 372,340 reasons why RS would want OCZ to prosper, and that is the number of shares he holds in options, at least that is what Forbes has listed (it might actually be more now). Let that soak in for a minute….

    RS has told us repeatedly that he intends to get current with the SEC by the deadline set by the NSDQ, and I truly believe he shall. He has also told us that he intends to make OCZ profitable, and I believe he will (unless a buyout comes first). He wants to make money on those options just like you want to make money on your OCZ trade.

    So, before you sell your shares at these ridiculously low prices, remember that the people trying to get you to sell have an agenda, and that agenda is to get as many people to sell as possible so that they can make money on their losses.

    That is all.

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    • austinwcraig Sep 19, 2013 4:12 PM Flag

      Sorry Lynn, No one here is trying to get you to sell. Its not a vast conspiracy. Frankly me and the other logical posters get a kick out of seeing delusional longs and the pumper wolves try to sucker new people in w/ 1/2 truths, out right lies and some honest to goodness pumping.

      The stock is at a mere 1.43. I highly doubt wall street is going to come to the yahoo boards for advice and then instantly sell b/c of the few thinkers here.

      Of course RS is going to tell you he wants to get current -- Whats he going to say "Hey guys.. no way in hell im ever posting the numbers na na na, na na." and all CEO's say they want profits... too bad that not going to happen. Just look at the history of earnings on ycharts. For those like TVkid you can look at the various challenges faced right now to see that going up in the enterprise market against WD, STX, IBM, EMC, FIO, etc etc etc most likely wont work. Guys that market is only going to get harder.

      I will agree that he wants to make money and that most likely a buyout is the only logical exit. RS wins, Longs win. Presto.. problems solved. RS walks away w/ a couple of millions, Longs get a 25-50% premium over the current price.

      The only logical way to play this for a long would be via calls, or long stock with buying puts for protection.
      For a short I doubt most brokers would even allow shorting the stock (2 of mine wont) but you can buy puts.

      I asked for some Fluff from OCZ today and guess what.. ask and you shall receive.
      "OCZ Addresses Wider Range of Enterprise Platforms With New Compact PCIe Solid State Drive at Intel Developer Forum 2013"

      I need another PR next Tuesday OCZ.. gota keep that fluff going. Baconator-SSD !!

    • OCZ just opened a new R & D building, do you think they would be doing this if they were trying to go BK? Mgt except in its final days will work their tails off to make a company a success. They make more if it is a success.
      I am long at least until next summer when I will re evaluate the position. I know this company has a great many patents. Analysts say they are valuable. Some estimate a value in excess of a billion dollars. If so, mgt just might look at making a lot more money if the enter a M or A. Either should jack the pps up above $6/share. SSD's seem to be the thing this year.

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      • austinwcraig Sep 19, 2013 4:59 PM Flag

        Doubtful its a new building. Most likely its the prexisting building. At worst its just empty PR to get a rise out of the stock. At best its OCZ hiring on a few heads in one last desperate push to get some marketable tech in order to try to sell the company.

        You always display strength and not weakness. To the ill informed of the financial situation this PR makes them look healthy. Yet we know the finances are just utterly wretched and the debt is door in 9-10 months.

    • and your agenda is to spam the board, then post some wonky thing about how he cares?

      did he care when he didn't show up to that IT show? did he care to mention that they going to miss the 16'th? did he care when RP and the rest of the company was ripping off the share holders? he should of that is why he was on the BOD....

      oh well...