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  • ocz_samsung_watch ocz_samsung_watch Dec 22, 2013 2:43 PM Flag

    Please Seagate, Western Digital, Dell, Apple, Microsoft, somebody, make a real offer before Christmas & show some humanity

    Those of us who know the value is there and stood by the company until this point deserve that much. Please don't force us into legal acton and end up with what little we have left in life going into the pockets of attorneys. You got your discount considerably off of $15 which what some of you were willing to pay less than a year ago and the same company still exists for someone with the money to run it right. You got a huge discount.. Please don't ruin our lives any more they they have been destroyed by the greedy thieves that worked this equity most of the year while Uncle Sam failed us. Taking this game matter further by delaying a buyout offer until after Christmas will destroy our lives and I see no point in having to do that. For you it may mean nothing but for us, those few days can literally mean our lives. How do you place a value on lives of those you will destroy if you prolong this any further?...even just one day after Christmas and our lives are not only destroyed but we have no choice but to seek legal recourse that does none of us any good. Well, it certainly does me no good whatsoever. Please make your deal now some we can salvage our lives , avoid lawsuits where nobody really wins and perhaps even keep some loyal shareholders if the deal is structured that way or it will at least afford us a chance to come back later and invest to hold if not taken private. We are the shareholders every company wants, loyal to the end. The end is here for many of us if your deal is not announced before Christmas and dragged this out into next year. Our Thanksgiving was already ruined. Please don't ruin our Christmas also and in cases like myself, the rest of my life, Please do the right thing. Thank you.

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    • If there is no offer of over 200 million this company is a total joke. Think about it how do you get a company with 700 employees and do what they did and get an offer for 35 million. Your either a #$%$ or a liar.

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      • Hokiestock, I agree with you. That is why I have no idea why you end your message with the second line. I agree there needs to be an offer of at least that much or more before Christmas for some of us to halt legal action. Otherwise, I am going to be forced to file court papers. If you knew my exact situation and the timing of all this, you would know why I have a strong case. Unfortunately, the lawyers get such a huge chunk and I still lose. Everybody loses. No matter what I have a strong case. So what is your problem? Why are you badmouthing me while we are on the same page. II think you misunderstood my comments. I am saying there needs to be a reasonable but firm offer on the table before Christmas because of the way this was done. If you knew my specifics you would understand and the lawyers I have discussed the case with understood immediately when I told the simple facts. Why are you calling me a liar? We both agree 35 M is a joke. Do I understand you correctly? Do you understand me correctly? I have agreed with most of your messages this last
        week. Are you calling me a liar or the those involved with this deal or this poster chicken? The fact is I may have been one of their biggest retail shareholders and because they did the things they did and WHEN they did them ,if there is no real offer on the table before Christmas, everybody loses because I will file a a speedy and huge individual lawsuit. If a company like Seagate really wants this company with few complications, they need to act quickly and make a firm and strong offer before Christmas or my damages grow from what they already are and some are already reversible. I believe we are on the same page.

    • how much did u lose on ocz?

    • Think. OCZ has no assets left to sell. They have already sold all of their assets to Toshiba for $35 million dollars. No company is going to come in to make a bid for OCZ. MO.
      MO also is that upper mgt put the screws to us little people. The PR that came out during several months implied anything except BK: a new R & D unit; new patents, then BANG B K. This tells me 'something is rotten in Denmark". MO.