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  • kerfinator kerfinator Oct 9, 2008 4:28 PM Flag

    This is $10 bucks past worst nightmare stage.

    If you have been holding NS (and others) pure fear and anger are flowing through your vains by now.

    I remember the good old days just a few months ago when NS was lucky to move 50 cents a day...that would be considered a huge move in the stock.

    Now when it is "only" down 4 or 5 percent, it is considered a "good" day. I have been investing for several years, but have never been through anything like this.

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    • Your right. Leman was the big seller taking us down the drain. My sources say they are done. Along with Goldman selling out. They are done. We will recover most of this on earnings and increased dividends. One week is a long time , but they might to what other mlps are doing and make a pre announcement. Telling us they are over market estimates and their business is doing good and they will have a dividend increase.

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      • Pre-announcing will do no good....even if they announce $4 for the quarter and increase the distribution, it will only mean a pre-market/1 day rally...if that....lucky to stay even while the rest of the market tanks

        Then it will be crushed the next day...

        After the earnings raise a couple of weeks ago, we vaulted into the 50's....look where we are now...

        the problem is that the earnings blowout and distribution raise are fully expected and will do nothing...

        we are at the mercy of the market and funds...earnings are irrelevant at this point.

    • Fear and anger, that's right. I am so angry for the leadership (both parties) of this country for allowing this to happen.

      When I hear of the money that exchanges hands to influence the voting it makes me sick. Whatever happened to voting because you actually supported a bill or didn't support the legislation. We don't pass legislation because supporters of the bill have deep pockets, or do we?

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