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  • gpost511 gpost511 Apr 4, 2006 3:26 PM Flag's time to cover

    ..Spot price of gold will soon be over $600.

    ..GRZ's environmental permit will be issued shortly.

    ..Potential take over bids.

    Run for cover.....or this will get quite painful for you.

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    • djapmech - try getting your info from other sources then this board 1) yes the gold price is 600 but grz is 6 instead of 60 now. a problem? - i thonk so! 2) chavez just took over totalSA oil operations on the weekend because they would'nt share : ( - exxon already left! 3) permits thats a joke - would'nt mean a thing with chavez there he'd like to see the mine running before he steals it - the majors know this...........bring this deposit to north america and it will be $80.oo first trade in the morning ! : ) with plenty of takeover wars ! : )

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      • jd - looks as if exxon/chevron are running into problems everywhere w/ gov't's wanting a piece of the pie....not just in Vz.

        Williams blames Exxon

        From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

        Ottawa and Calgary � The Hebron offshore oil project was shelved yesterday after a breakdown in negotiations that has Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams blaming Exxon Mobil Corp. and vowing to buy out the global giant's stake in order to put things back on track.

        The Premier said he has been led to believe that Exxon Mobil is the partner responsible for the decision to place the $5-billion Hebron project on hold.

        �I am basically saying �Use it or lose it.' And if they don't want to play ball here, then they should just move on,� Mr. Williams said in an interview....