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  • oilpragmatic oilpragmatic Aug 31, 2008 9:00 AM Flag

    Does Gov Palin's Husband work for BP

    I heard one news report, but only one, that VP/Governor Sarah Palin's husband is a BP employee and active in the union.
    Can anybody shed any light on this???
    If she has firsthand knowledge of BP, well...

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    • Yes he works for BP on the North Slope, has for 20 years. yes he is a union hand

    • Most of you are not of an age to remember Franklin Roosevelt's VP, Harry Truman. Sometimes, unsophisticated, relatively unknown, inexperienced (HST was a haberdasher from Missouri) VPs rise to the occasion. If they've got the right stuff. And keep in mind that one inhabitant of that office ((a VP himself) said that the position wasn't worth a bucket of warm spit.

      Most historians that I've read look back on the decision making during the Truman administration (after FDR's death in office) as one of the bright spots in American history. Here's the case that proves the point that a very simple Washington outsider, who cut his teeth on local (Kansas City) politics managed to make some tough decisions that are now generally regarded as both correct and world-transforming (atom bomb usage for first time in history to end the War; Marshall Plan for Europe; intervention in Korea to save that country from invasion; firing McArthur when that General, who was a hero of the prior war to some, didn't recognize that, constitutionally, foreign policy decisions weren't his to make and that civilians controlled military policy; etc.).

      In HST's case, it took a while for the emotion to settle down and for rational analysis to take over. I expect the same thing will happen in the current situation regarding both the nomination and Palin's ability to handle the country's business.

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    • Because I want you to show your own ignorance.

    • Why don't you tell me.

    • Towigg, I did watch her speech. It was a good speech and she did VERY WELL.

      In all sincerity, the ability to give a good speech is expected. Most politicians can do that (or they dont stay politicians for long). She had speech writers, time to practice and a very friendly audience.

      I include BO in the above statement.

      The proof for Ms Palin will be in the weeks to come. (unless the GOP keeps her tied up and limits access to her). Answering tough questions and debates and an opportunity to have to "think on her feet" will tell the story.

      Your claim that "she is an excellent choice for VP". I totally disagree. She certainly may develop into a great VP or even a P. Time will tell.

      But "well qualified"? Not even close. She would not be evenly remotely qualified to be mayor of a top 10 city (which would be much larger than the population of Alaska)

      One could make the argument that BO is also unqualified. Main diff is that he was voted in by people with open eyes. The Reps had this person thrust upon them and she is UNKNOWN and has VIRTUALLY NO EXPERIENCE.

      JM is the oldest P to ever take office and if you think that SP is ready to take the helm, you are fooling yourself.

      Her biggest qualification, and the the reason that she was such a hit last nite are
      1) she is demonstrated her pro-life stance
      2) she is very pro gun

      She was brought in to win an election. God forbid if she has to run the country.

    • No, I just listened to her speech last night at the RNC. If you heard it, then you might realize she is an excellent choice for VP.

      She is well qualified and has the right point of view on most issues.

    • I see you got the talking points memo.

    • McCain has executive experience as a highly ranked naval officer who had to make life and death experience.

      As far as Palin is concerned, being a mayor is like a community organizer, except she actually had to be responsible and accountable.

    • Who actually cares? What possible relevance does this have?
      Everyone has to work somewhere!!

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