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  • prabbit51 prabbit51 Aug 7, 2009 7:10 AM Flag

    Warning: Oil supplies are running out fast

    Solution...let the free markets thrive and our energy
    solutions will be resolved.

    Higher fuel prices push consumers to use less and buy more efficient vehicles.
    High prices make alternative sources (tar sands, etc) economically viable.

    Oh, an did I mention Nuclear
    I think wind power is a Long term B.S.
    Besides I am long BP and really want the price to go up and keep paying that fat dividend!!!!

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    • Hi Peter,

      Well, the free market is a sort of solution for the well-off. How would you then suggest dealing with the riots in every US city when the poor can no longer fuel their cars? Some sort of Mad Max 4? Just curious.

      As for the free market - is it really a universal tool, fit for every job? Screws and bolts are superficially similar but need entirely different tools to tighten them. Free markets simply don't work in every case, you need regulations. Air (and air pollution); hunting and fisheries; building and zoning regulations; water; food (in the UK) in WW2.

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