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  • tigerpawn tigerpawn May 2, 2010 8:56 PM Flag

    54.50 overseas

    where moving, tony said no divy cut,
    will take out of self insured fund, he says where making money hand over fist, i tell u those englishman know what there doing,
    heard marathon might be taken over by TOTAL.

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    • agree going higher!

      Check this quote taken verbatim from another forum dedicated to the industry
      In what stands to be one of the biggest oil spills in the history of the United States, the possible cause of the spill now appears to be an unauthorized modification of the blow out prevention (BOP) valve. BP's Deep Water Horizon oil rig exploded and sank off the cost of Louisiana last week. Eleven rig workers are missing, which was operated by Swiss-based Transocean Ltd, the largest independent driller in the world. Meanwhile, the BOP failed to stop the flow of oil as it should have after the explosion and every day 200,000 gallons is pouring into the Gulf of Mexico. Fingers are being pointed at BP, even though Transocean was the sub-contractor. New evidence shows BP will eventually be exonerated. But first we will all have to play a game of cover our asses. From the subcontractor who reportedly modified the BOP without the knowledge or permission of BP, to the government regulators who okayed the modified BOP, to the Obama administration who wants to look tough on BP even thought the company had no culpability, everyone but BP is running for cover. Internal records show that Cameron built the BOP and delivered it to Transocean. Before the BOP was put into service, it was reportedly altered by Transocean with no modification approval or notes. The BOP was then installed, and the modifications are assumed to have prevented the part from operating properly.These modifications were discovered by remote operated vehicles, whose pictures transmitted to engineers trying to establish why the BPO didn't activate, showed the part had been altered. Yesterday, top BP executives met with Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and the U.S. Coast Guard and told them about the tampered BOP and the fact that BP had no knowledge the device had been altered. Menahwile back in D.C., in an effort to boost his sagging approval ratings, President Barack Obama is trying to make this into political theatre while his people know this was not BP's fault. The slow leak of information to the media about the history of the rig and the health and safety record is an attempt to shift blame away from the agency's who regulated the rig, to the operator. Everyone is trying to cover their own ass. BP continues to work around the clock and continues to re-assign people to the region to assist with the needs of locals. Lets hope we can get to the bottom of why Transocean modified the part, if they did, and why Federal regulators signed off on a BOP that failed to stop the flow of oil.
      RIG is screwed!

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      • I'll tell you why. Because we're dealing with the most sinister and evil "administration" in the history of the country. They're COMMUNISTS, pure and simple and are out to take this country down in a 4 year time span, piece by piece.

        The illegal Kenyan Muslim Marxist racist mulatto White House usurper and his Communist comrades are behind this WHOLE thing to revive Al-E-Gore's faltering global warming bulls.h.i.t.

        Anything else?

    • this stock is going down and big time. they damage will be many many billions. will go on for a long long time. wouldn't be long.

    • NYSE will call the ball..

      Nice try though..

    • biggest joke to believe this has any chance of opening above 52 tomorrow, let alone 50.

    • Link please.

      BTW - I believe the UK markets are closed tomorrow

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