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  • castcore castcore May 22, 2010 12:31 PM Flag

    Here is the deal

    It's really quite simple, If you believe

    1. If because of this spill, BP and another oil companies will stop all off shore drilling in GOM or around the world and that mankind will stop using oil. Yes BP will go bankrupt and this thing needs to be shorted like yesterday.


    2. This thing will get cleaned up like all other spills and mankind will not be able to it's thirst for oil and drilling will continue but 'regulated'. Then BP dropping 62 to 42 is a gift from god, because in 6 months, nobody will be talking about this anymore!

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    • Here's the reality.

      BP is NOT going away. It'll pay for the cleanup costs and lawsuits on a yearly basis for a decade or so. But it will still be a small amount relative to what it rakes in every quarter.- It's just the cost of doing business.

      And the world will throw a fit for a little while,...then it's back to business as usual. Oil is just too d@mn important for keeping the machines running. The world needs "the precious" commodity badly. Without it, economies around the world will die.

      Also, as much as people like to tout green is decades away from having any signicicant impact. It's a question of scale. Oil is needed (to some degree) by EVERY freakin' machine that has a motor and an on/off button. It won't be replaced in the foreseeable future. The technologies will just improve to allow companies to get better access to oil in places like the Antarctica.

      So, yes, BP will be just fine. And deep sea drilling should continue. But what is really needed is that "we" learn from the BP disaster so it doesn't happen again. Stricter regulations, such as requiring all deep sea drillers to have relief wells in place may be a good idea. It'll cost the companies a lot of money to drill 2 wells at each deep sea site...but so be it. Hindsight is the best teacher.

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      • This is not the Pool at Holiday Inn Express we are trying to clean up after someone peed in it.

        You have ANY idea what you are talking about when you say clean up?
        Clean WHAT up. The dead fish on the surface at the beach or below the water? Wiping Florida's coastal tourism trade clean of the map is NOT cleaning r wiping. It is an economical disaster.

        How do you clean up The Florida Keys?
        Have you ever heard of The Dry Tortugas? How do you clean that?
        You can't pour more chemicals on Coral Reefs to make them pure again.

        Clean up my ass. 'Only thing that will be cleaned is BP's clock!

    • you are right. If you don't buy BP gas, they will sell it to other firms as they won't be able to meet demand. Sh it happens. Get over it. Haven't you ever made a mistake? aren't you human???? geez, let the 1st one who hasn't screwed up cast the 1st stone. Granted, this a huge mistake but you are drilling in an ocean for oil. When you have sex, you can get pregnant. things happen that we don't want to happen. it's called life.

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      • Even YOU realized how lame a paragraph you started. You began with "Shit happens" as if this is something akin to having a fender bender, and befre the paragraph ended, qualifying it with "granted this is a huge mistake".
        Ya THINK?

        I'll cast the first stone. I haven't phucked up the marine life , the marshes and thousand if not millions of people's livelihood EVER. Have you?
        Your metaphors suck. "having sex, getting pregnant"? What the hell are you talking about. We did not agree to having sex with BP, maybe you did.. You don;t have to worry about getting pregnant either,because you were anally raped!

        If this is your concept of "life" , your life must really suck. Where are you from anyway? Detroit?

      • You should also follow the guidelines and procedures put in place by the book and reduce your chance of failure, did BP???????????

    • Hey dummy,

      If you want to buy an oil stock, why buy BP? XOM is at 2 year low, while BP is still significantly above its 2 year low.

    • the latter will hold true........

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