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  • fasttrades411 fasttrades411 May 25, 2010 3:55 PM Flag

    If this spill is "100% Bush's Fault"....

    ...Then 9/11 was 100% Clinton's fault.

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    • Ha! No chit.

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      • So I guess Bush going on vacation for the first 6 months of his presidency while he was supposed to be working and reading the CIA and FBI memos that said "imminent attack on America", is Clinton's fault. Huh.

        And Bush discounting Clinton's intelligence about Bin Laden and choosing instead to clean house of the MMS and replace them with Halliburton employees and Cheney and oil cronies is Clinton's fault too huh.

        And Cheney and his Eneregy task force in 2003 removing safety standards and required acoustical shutoff switches for BOPs so BP et all could make more money at the expense of their worker's lives is Clinton's fault too huh.

        And Phil Gramm writing the Credit default swap legislation that destroyed AIG, Leyman et al...and the Republicans ramming it down Americas throat with a republican congress while they were impeaching him over a BJ, that was Clinton's fault too huh.

        And Bush lying to start the war industrial complex in Iraq that has bankrupted America and cost the lives of thousands of our soldiers, that was Clinton's fault too huh.

        So tired of all this retarded Limbaugh logic.

    • The problem with that is that the Cheney/Bush adm waived many requirements because thier friends and supports told them a spill like this would never happen. Wherein Clinton failed to foresee the possbility of an attack like 9/11. This spill is a direct result of the Cheney/Bush Adm. 9/11 was an indirect result of the Clinton Adm for relaying on the prior Adm. organization for security.

    • Nice observation!

    • the bombers on 9-11 entered, trained, and started the process to bomb the WTC all under Clinton's watch...or lack thereof. Clinton had all the evidence this was going to happen from the Cole, to the US Embassy, and the first WTC bombing. For any democrat or liberal to spin it that it was the fault of Bush is pathetic. Go to a political board to go over this crap again. Its over. Now we get to see the decline in the country form another muslim...Osama Obama.

    • DUDE!!! BUSH HAD THE MEMOS ON HIS DESK AND HE REFUSED TO PAY ATTENTION TO HIM BECAUSE HE WAS PLAYING GOLF AND ENJOYING HIS "moral victory". He has been incompetent in everything that he has done.

      From bankrupting 2 oil companies to going awol in flight school.

      BUSH's CIA received a direct warning and did nothing. Bush's FBI agents even discovered muslim guys training to fly, but not caring to land, but the report died when it went to the oval office.

    • thanks for reading my posts and responding you JA. wearing a diaper or Alzheimer's, I am still better than you with your feeble mind.


    • Clinton was made painfully aware of the danger this group provided, but he did little to nothing to stifle its threats. Al Qaeda was busy during the Clinton Administration; the group took responsibility for the attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole, the attacks on two U.S. military barracks in Saudi Arabia, the bombing of two U.S. Embassies in Africa, and the attacks on United States soldiers in Somalia. Throughout these attacks, Clinton did nothing to protect America or her citizens; in fact he sabotaged America's ability to protect herself. Clinton incapacitated America by weakening the counter-terror organizations, overusing diplomacy, and simply ignoring the problem of international terrorism.
      No man caused the attacks of September 11th more than bin Laden himself, but it was President Clinton that allowed those attacks to happen. Bill Clinton systematically turned the counter-terror organizations to a politically correct automaton of his pacifistic, anti-military beliefs. It is this attitude of his that allowed bin Laden to kill almost 3,000 Americans in one day. Clinton also relied too heavily on diplomacy when military intervention would have been safer, more methodical, and more complete. Finally, Clinton disregarded the warnings of the CIA and the FBI. He continued his pattern of ignoring America's best interest by refusing to imprison bin Laden. It was Clinton that allowed the tragedy to happen, and now he has the death of 3,000 Americans on his conscience.

    • it's true. Bush was checked out, playing President. not that i don't blame Clinton as well. you could see the same thing with Katrina. during that morning, Bush was here in San Diego, giving a speech at North Island. it was on the tube. i flip the channel, and New Orleans is filling up with water. huh? this country is terribly mismanaged. and the Chinese are going to kick our ass for being so stupid.

    • liberal your probably stuck om your bed wearing a diaper and suffering from Alzheimers

    • Dude you are lying. stop making s&%*t up. quote time...what a joke. and they are not biased are they. the media spins this s&^t all the time. now go find the part where clinton and berger hid and shred docs you moron. now gfy you sorry p*s!

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