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  • juryman07 juryman07 May 26, 2010 2:12 PM Flag

    Obama, grow a backbone for a change!

    Tell BP
    1) to start issuing big checks ti all unemployed fishermen and others whose way of life has just come to a complete halt because of BP.
    2) that if they do not do this, they will be nationalized and their chief executives charged with criminal recklessness and cruelty to animals, etc.
    3) that if TOP-KILL does not work, BP goes to the sidelines, while the NAVY plants deep explosives 1000; below sea floor on all sides of pipeline to crush inward the BP hole to the oil reservior 3 miles below sea botom.
    4) that there will be no more BP drilling anywhere around the US. PERIOID. They have forfeited that right.
    5) that they shall immediately give the US $500 billion to start to pay for the losses their recklessness has created."

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