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  • juryman07 juryman07 May 27, 2010 7:22 PM Flag

    If, as Obama says, oil spill has been his #1 priority

    all along and he thinks his responsibility as President ENDS with holding meetings with his yes-men in DC, THAT WOULD EXPLAIN A LOT!

    Why he has accomplished nothing in any field. All he's done is let corporations run America every which way! Banks. Military Industrial Complex, Health Insurance, Oil Industry and BP

    There is so much he has not done in this crisis.

    1) Where are the BP checks for those who have lost their livelihood?

    2) Where are the independent gauge readings about the leak. BP cannot be trusted.

    3) Why is exploding the well deep down not on the table?

    4) Where are the oil collection tankers?

    5) Why did Obama not demand BP abode by FDA demand for them to change in dispersants?

    6) Why has no one at BP been arrested for criminal recklessness?

    7) Why has BP not been given a bill for expenses to date?

    8) If they hesitate or say no, why did he not threaten nationalization?

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