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  • stocksguru98 stocksguru98 May 27, 2010 11:17 PM Flag


    Part of the definition of fascism is the merger of corporations and government. If there has not been a good example of fascism taking over this country, we have one with BP.

    Every day, right wingers delusionally conspire to have coprorations take over the country. They whore themselves to corps and have stacked our entire legal system to favor the corps.

    Look at what we have now. BP lies to the US people on a daily basis and is covering up this disaster from top to bottom. BP believes they are above the law and completely disregards the US Govt. requests to change dispersants.

    Worst of all, BP will be fighting and using laws that favor corps to limit their liability to the 11 dead workers on the rig.

    This is the face of big corporations. This is what the right wingers unwhittingly sold our country out for......all under the guise of "freedom."

    You all have been dooped. I am sure this isn't the first time all of you right wingers have heard this, but it is a b i t c h to learn things the hard way.

    Republicans are the worst thing to happen to this country.

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