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  • juryman07 juryman07 May 30, 2010 4:40 AM Flag

    Watch OBAMA do nothing but describe

    the crisis and say he has appointed a new crisis management team for this. He does not appreciate he must do something himself NOW to punish BP where they will hurt. Less than that and he will properly be seen as their tool and accomplice. Their enabler.

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    • I hate to agree with you, but it's true. I disagree with Mr Obama on his handling of a number of issues, but I thought for sure that he would take firm and decisive action on this situation, in order to appease his environmental base. It would also be an easy way to gain political ground in a crucial midterm election year...after all he's obviously been capitalizaing on the public's anger against the banks. Taking a firm stance on BP's handling of the situation should be a no-brainer.

      The president needs to grow a set, and realize that this has now become a situation of national urgency, something with tentacles which could end up negatively impacting our fragile economy, much the way Katrina did.

      However, all he seems to do is pontificate, castigate, obfuscate and delegate. I listened to his speech the other day, and it was defensive and rambled. Furthermore I was shocked that he didn't even remain a full day, or overnight in the Gulf to show support. For someone who ran on the platform of being the "anti-bush", I thought for sure that a crisis in the Gulf region would have given Obama an easy opportunity to demonstrate and remind how he differed from the previous administration.

      Instead, I heard Tom Keene on Bloomberg radio the other day, asking a guest if the BP spill was Obama's the very least, his Katrina: a pivotal event which caused a large segment of his supporters to re-evaluate their support of him.

      Frankly, I would be thrilled if Obama took firm control of the situation, and acted like a Commander. He needs to tell BP their efforts are not satisfactory, and that the American people can't afford to wait as they trot out an alphabet soup of untried 'solutions. He needs to put the Military in charge of the situation, and nuke or bomb that sucker back under a giant pile or rubble.

      That's my .02c, anyway

    • Sad to say but your right he is doing nothing except aiding BP. I expected a lot more from him he has lost my vote.

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