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  • garys399 garys399 May 30, 2010 10:57 PM Flag

    How about ethanol?

    The area where sugar cane is grown to make ethanol is 1500 miles south of the rain forest/amazon basin. No rain forest is destroyed to make ethanol.

    The production of corn per acre in the U. S. in 1940 was 40 bushels per acre; it is now 165 bushels per acre; in 15 years it will be 300 bushels per acre. The corn crop in the U. S. will go from its current 13 billion bushels per year to 26 billion bushels per year without the use of any additional fertilizer or land.

    Technology has finally enabled the U. S. to find a way to move cars and trucks without dirty oil.

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    • Sugar cane was grown abundantly at one time in the United States, who says that it could not happen again?

      There is a whole bunch of fruit that goes to waste every year that could be fermented to produce alcohol.

      POET is making advancements with corn cobs and stubble.

      The paper industry has plenty of cellulose to contribute.

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