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  • roosterly9 roosterly9 Jun 10, 2010 10:39 PM Flag

    engineer's view3- Conspiracy perhaps?

    Again I am an engineering manager and patent holder on many hydrodynamic, thermal, and combustion systems.
    I tried in vane to contact Whitehouse and BP but couldn't get through. They missed a great chance to stop the flow of the oil completely by trying a simple idea.

    From the under sea video, you could tell the riser pipe was not brittle and could be shaped. they could have had a hydraulic clamp that would have closed over the pipe just before the kink in the pipe, the clamp would be shaped to gradually come a complete close over the pipe.

    In sequence of events they should have tried this just before trying the Top kill, this way mud would have run down the pipe as it had no escaping from the top. They had nothing to lose as they were going to cut the pipe anyway. So they lost a risk free option that most likely would have worked. The clamp could have been tried and perfected by creating the condition above water before trying it on the real thing.

    Because they tried some stupid ideas like the dome that from engineering stand point had no chance to work,and did not try obvious solutions, I am thinking that this may have been a conspiracy to make this president look incompetent, and indeed he looks incompetent.

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    • But how would your "clamp" work if there is drill-pipe in the leaking riser?

      (And with your comment about this all being a "conspiracy" to make Obama look bad, I'd say you can't be much of an engineer to be thinking irrationally!)

    • I am on the same page but what baffles me is that the White House continue to let BP to still take charge in stopping the leak after they've shown high level of incompetency.
      Dome - 1. Nothing to hold it down or leverage it down to keep it in place. 2. Hydration will not occur If the pumps were fired up right after it was seated on the seabed.
      Siphon Hose - They could have place an insert around the hose to fill in the gaps to minimize the excess leaks.
      Top Kill - It was just pure comical and insult to everyones intelligence and they probably just laughing at their foolishness in making a fool of anyone who might have believe its going to work.
      LMRP - Flawed design with no structural and watertight integrity. A high school science students from third world country could have done better.

      I also tried to contact the White House abd Deep Water Horizon but only recieved a worthless email from them

      Deep Water Horizon Response:

      Dear Ed Rodriguez,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to think about and submit your proposed solution regarding the Horizon incident. Your submission has been reviewed for its technical merits. A similar approach has already been considered or planned for possible implementation. All of us on the Horizon Support Team appreciate your thoughts and efforts.

      Sincerely yours,
      Horizon Support Team

      Dear Friend:

      Thank you for writing to me about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I appreciate your perspective as we continue to do everything we can to address this crisis.

      The Gulf is one of the richest and most beautiful ecosystems on the planet. For centuries, its residents have enjoyed and made a living off the fish that swim in its waters and the wildlife that inhabit its shores. The Gulf is also the heartbeat of the region's economic life. We are going to do everything in our power to protect our natural resources, compensate those who have been harmed, rebuild what has been damaged, and help this region persevere like it has done so many times before.

      For information about response efforts, how to help, or available assistance, please visit:,, or

      Small businesses may also find resources by visiting or calling 1-(800)-659-2955.

      Thank you again for contacting me. I encourage you to visit to learn more about my Administration or to contact me in the future.

      Barack Obama

    • "I am thinking that this may have been a conspiracy to make this president look incompetent"

      I assign you to the left side of the IQ bell curve also.

      Let's see now...BP puts themselves out of business and risks jail time to make Obama look bad.

      That sounds real likely - NOT.

      You idea is stupid also. The BOP was no match for the flow of this well so a Office Max binder clip was not going to get the job done.

      I also sent in an idea..using the form provided. I guess you are too special to follow that procedure.

    • They are probably afraid to clamp down on the flow. If there are problems down the hole (and the testimony makes it sounds like there probably are) the oil could escape from the pipe and flow upward to the surface around it

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      • I thought of that, but I concluded that perhaps it wasn't so. The well was designed to shut-off, which we know isn't working. If the system was damaged and they were afraid that oil will leak out of pipe and find another route to the sea floor, then they would not have tried junk shot which was meant to do the same thing as a clamp would do.

        As to conspiracy theory, I am only suggesting and give it some chance. If there was a conspiracy, it was in preventing the solution, not planning the accident.

        Facts are that BP knew approximately how much oil was coming out, they had invested huge sums developing the well and would have had estimates to justify the development expenses; therefore conclusion is that BP was lying. They could have been lying for different reasons. Now if there were conspirators in government they would prevent quick solution to the problem. BP may have been incompetent in solving the problem, but conspirators would have taken advantage of the situation and turn a bad accident to a defining disaster

    • He was that before this spill!

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