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  • truevalue90 truevalue90 Jun 16, 2010 5:18 PM Flag

    Who's the dumbest group? elderly, southerners or

    real estate agents? Man, is that the prime target for the republiCONS and their chain emails, blogs and "news" sites such as worldNUTdaily, newsmax and american thinker or what?

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    • Truevalue? could a psudo atheist have the ordasity to even use a handle like truevalue?You represent everything that is WRONG with this country.Go to towns where people who believe in GOD and respect HIS laws and you can stroll on the street at midnight and not worry about some crackhead shooting you for the dime you have in your pocket.He's a crackhead because he has not values and came from parents just like you.So keep up the good work,teach your children there is no GOD and watch,just watch your world crumble around you.Oh I forgot,it already is!Good job super-intellegent athelist...A yes you can post point -counter point jiberish...but I'll still say a prayer for you.How do like that,a person with an opposing view that still wishes you well.Bety you don't find that outside the church.

    • I represent that fact!
      This is too funny!

      ‘Lawmakers slammed executives from five of the world's largest oil companies. At one point Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Fla., called on Lamar McKay, chairman and president of BP America, to quit his job. Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao, R-Louisiana went so far as to suggest McKay try a type of ritual suicide.

      "Mr. Stearns asked you to resign. In the Asian culture we do things differently. During the Samurai days we just give you a knife and ask you to commit hara-kiri," said Cao, who is of Vietnamese descent.’

      ‘Thirty-seven of the 64 active or senior judges in key Gulf Coast districts in Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida have links to oil, gas and related energy industries, including some who own stocks or bonds in BP PLC, Halliburton or Transocean — and others who regularly list receiving royalties from oil and gas production wells, according to the reports judges must file each year. The AP reviewed 2008 disclosure forms, the most recent available.’
      Katrina, BP oil spill..You talk slow and I guess that means you are dumb? The State with guns? Politicans and BP executives and their families must be laughing on their estates at the slow talking dumb people?

      Word is out Louisiana fishermen are jerks. Guess what fish heads it is alleged BP paid the politicans not to safeguard against this kind of accident. Now we hear that the politicans put in a cap of $75,000,000.00 max liability? Louisiana must be the arm pit of the USA?

      No big deal. It appears as if Thad Allen is working for BP already? It will be easy for him to slide into a BP position he probably knows who in the government to give the money to?

      Here is where the term ‘TOP KILL’ starts:
      USA went into a sovereign nation. Removed their leader and hung him. Killed his children.. Now they want his daughter. Took his money! Killed a few of his friends.

      The 1989 invasion of Panama by the United States removed Noriega from power; he was captured, detained as a prisoner of war,

      Why can't it be done with politicans, CEOs, CFOs, executives and their families?

    • I would say Texans.

    • get a point, THEN make a f---ing point

    • people from the northeast.

    • Dumb cuts across all demographic divisions, ages, ethnicities, and regions. Dumb crosses political lines, religious lines, and social status lines.

      It's global. Dumb Are The World.

      We are the dumb,
      We are insipid,
      We buy anything the TV tells us,
      It's a choice we're faking,
      We don't really run our lives
      And our corporate masters make believe we're free.


    • Obama voters, they actually thought they would get hope and change.

    • tea partiers of course !!!

    • College grads. Swollen heads with no common sense.

    • muslims.......eom

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