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  • usaf_ghost_rider usaf_ghost_rider Jun 17, 2010 12:42 AM Flag

    White House and BP in foot race to see who can insert foot in mouth quickest

    Early lead went to the White House knuckleheads, but the Brits are hot on the trash-talking white house's trail with today's "small people" comment referring to the Gulf victims.

    In other developments, the Obamamobile (Black SUV) reportedly did a 180 SUA when the Chief Vacationer and his crack white house crew observed Tony Hayward and other BPs dining at the Chief Vacationer's burger joint, Five Guys, down the street from the White House.

    An (innocent) shemale bystander was shaken by the violence and immediatedly called the world-renown Washington DC Metropolitan Police reporting she/he/it heard someone in the Presidential SUV shout "you limey oil slicker turd birds tain't commencin to fixin chicken in our town no mo" or something close to this.

    Advantage: White House.

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    • USA, UBS said who you!
      ‘GENEVA (AP) -- The Swiss government suffered a severe blow Tuesday as nationalist and left-wing lawmakers blocked a treaty with the United States that would have allowed UBS to hand over files on thousands of its clients to U.S. tax authorities.
      The Swiss government and Washington had painstakingly crafted the treaty last August to resolve a long-standing dispute over the bank's alleged role in aiding tax evasion but 104 lawmakers in Switzerland's lower house voted against the deal, compared to 76 in favor. Sixteen lawmakers abstained.’
      Funny work hard pay taxes still can’t feed your family and can't take them on vacations. But

      U.S. authorities last year agreed to drop their demand for details of 50,000 of UBS' American clients, if the Swiss divulged the names of 4,450 believed to have been involved in large-scale tax evasion or fraud. In a separate deal, UBS paid a $780 million penalty as part of a deferred prosecution agreement that included disclosure of an additional 150 names.

      Give your tax money away why? Maybe the politicians and their families receive the usual 20-30% kick back. That money is gone in one week.
      Invert the pyramid and put the weight of the little guys on top of the high priced do nothing executives!
      Do not pay outstanding credit cards! Bailout to follow!
      Do not pay on credit default swaps! They are not regulated and therefore should not be enforced!
      While the former USA is changing laws and policies as it grows, to nowhere? Revoke all trusts or reduce to max $3,000,000.00 per trust, Declare banks insolvent. Payout the max $250,000.00 FDIC! Gets the money circulating!? If Buffet, Gates, jim welch and other billionaires were to die the inheritors’ tax kicks in at 3 million and the rest of the money goes to the people(new government) of the former USA.

      USA went into a sovereign nation. Removed their leader and hung him. Killed his children. Killed a few of his friends. Now they want his daughter. Took his money!

      The 1989 invasion of Panama by the United States removed Noriega from power; he was captured, detained as a prisoner of war,

      Why can't it be done with CEOs, CFOs, executives and their families?

    • Just makes people angrier at Obama. They already hate BP.

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