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  • shirleyqliquordotcom shirleyqliquordotcom Jun 22, 2010 5:03 PM Flag

    WEIRD OPTIONS DAY; hard to figure, or not, ???

    ALL options finished RED EXCEPT in the money PUTS. I see it as a GREAT signal for PUTS and shorts. Somebody held the near and oom PUTS down as hard as anything I have ever seen.

    I watched in amazement how the prices on PUTS went way up on the open, expected; then retraced as usual to fill gaps. Then BANG... slowly they kept fading and staying down EVEN THOUGH there was steady bigger BID vol. than ASK all day!!!???

    My summation is BP is about to implode at its biggest one day level yet as the "dark forces" were loading their wagons with near the money and OOM PUTS,

    Specifically, I was watching the July 25s (for fun... bought a few); the 27.50s, 30 and 32s, puts that is.

    I was shocked somewhat. I have only seen this rarely and when it happens the stock runs hard and fast toward the options side that had the green on the day. In this case the PUTS.

    All opinions and thoughts welcome, this is quite interesting.

    “Now, as through history, financial capacity and political perspicacity are inversely correlated….So inaction will be advocated in the present even though it means deep trouble in the future. Here, at least equally with communism, lies the threat to capitalism. It is what causes men who know that things are going quite wrong to say that things are fundamentally sound.”

    -J.K Galbraith, from The Great Crash 1929, written in 1954.

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