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  • pres.dumbo pres.dumbo Jul 1, 2010 2:24 AM Flag

    Obama: Fundraising First


    Obama: Fundraising First, Oil Spill (Maybe) Later
    By admin ~ June 9th, 2010 @ 5:00 pm

    On May 27, President Obama made the following statement about the catastrophic gulf oil spill: “Those who think that we were either slow on our response or lacked urgency don’t know the facts. This has been our highest priority since this crisis occurred.”

    With all due respect Mr. President, we do know the facts. The facts are that you’ve been spending a considerable amount of time on an activity that, to the best of my knowledge, has nothing to do with the oil spill.


    Let’s start in New York. On May 13, as oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico, Obama appeared at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraising dinner, also hosted by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Ticket prices ranged from $15,000 per person to $50,000 per couple (not a typo). That included dinner, and a photo with Obama. Fox News notes that while Obama piles on the negative rhetoric about Wall Street bankers, he doesn’t mind taking their money. Click Here for more info

    By late May, the massive oil spill was headed for land, with no cure in site for the leaking undersea well. On May 25, Obama was in San Francisco for three events. According to CBS News, Obama raised a cool $1.7 million for Democratic candidates. Two events were at the Fairmont Hotel, where tickets cost “only” $2,000. However, the highlight was a reception at the Pacific Heights home of Ann and Gordon Getty. The price of admission at the Getty event was $17,600 per person. CBS News notes “for that price, attendees received dinner and a photo with the president.”


    Next stop, Las Vegas on May 26, for a fundraising speech at Caesar’s Palace, followed by a concert. Tickets started at $250. For the low price of $29,500, donors got an actual presidential handshake.


    On May 27, Barry’s Excellent Adventure rolled into Beverly Hills for – yes – another fundraiser. The event began with a concert, with tickets costing “only” $1,000 to $2,500. The concert was followed by a $30,400-a-ticket dinner. The events were expected to raise $3 to $4 million for Democratic candidates.


    Commenting on Obama’s Las Vegas visit, a Los Angeles Times blog aptly summarized this study in excess: “Obama, who praised his Supreme Court nominee and his own stimulus spending plans, thanked crowd members for their past support that provided the opportunity to change the country’s politics. . . . ”

    “Exactly how the $2 million evening with President Obama represented change from Sen. Obama’s $750-million presidential campaign was unclear. But the crowd applauded anyway.”


    * * *

    What do all of these black tie events have to do with the Gulf Oil Spill? Nothing. And that’s the problem.

    A couple of observations.

    While President Obama is busy being wined and dined, British Petroleum (BP) is actually trying to fix the oil leak. So Mr. President, would you please stop yelling at BP? They might just leave the leaking oil rig. And that sure would put a crimp in your social schedule.

    Also, I understand it’s probably too much to ask Obama to actually spend meaningful time with gulf communities that are being destroyed by this oil spill. I doubt if the residents can afford $15,000 to $30,000 each, which seems to be the going price for an audience with Obama.

    But Mr. President, somewhere between fundraising events, could you maybe squeeze in a couple minutes to appoint someone to head the federal government’s response to the oil spill? Someone needs to be involved.

    Because, Mr. President, you clearly are not.

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