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  • yourdeadmeet68 yourdeadmeet68 Jul 19, 2010 12:23 PM Flag


    Obama may be forced to use nuclear bomb on the gulf sea floor. Radioative contamination of all seafood within 500 miles!!!

    mutant fish will be spawned, the rest unedible!!!

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    • You can't "burn water".

      Your "opinion" of how the sun works is meaningless. The theory (nearly a law) how stars burn is well understood and accepted. Your theory violate several laws of nature (specifically in conservation of mass and energy and thermodynamics.)

    • When you burn water in the presence of oil, gas and make it radio active tell me that it will not be poisonous. LOL. Once you trap intense heat that could possibly split hydrogen and oxygen from water well beneath the ocean then it will feed itself like a nuclear fusion. IMHO that is how the sun gets its perpetual hydrogen energy. It's just a thought don'e get me so serious.

    • Should be used already. Just do it. What the f is obumer waiting for. He is a nut job not to order it!

      this is a leader??? Lmfao

    • Get back to your computer war games!!

    • Russia did them on land wells but only 3 of 4 times. Doing on land is much easier. But I am not saying we could not do it. I am saying we don't need to do it, but if we did we are not talking about armagedon

    • Restaurant depot has shrimp and lobsters at 30% below costco. Lobsters from maine (all female) and shrimp from all over asia at a fraction of the cost of us shrimp. Eg. 20-25 count $10 max/costco $15.99

    • Russians did them very suuceesfully. Everyone was celebrating with magnums of russian vodka. Why can't we do this with american vodka?

    • Nope, those explosions were not done in atmosphere. They were done in rock (i.e. coal seam) well underground. That is the same type of 'atmosphere' this would be done in. The difference is this rock would also be under water.

      Remember the nuke is set in the rock no where NEAR the water. (But even if it was in the water, it would not matter.)

      You are just completely wrong on this issue. I could give you a nuke, all the oil and gas you want and all the water you want and using those there is absolutely no way you could configure a device or configuration what would be capable of even theoretically damaging the world overall much less destroying life. You could not even configure such a device (with a nuke in the kilo ton range) that would be a threat over a few hundred sq. miles (sans tsunami issues which are differnt and addressed by the location 10,000 ftt down in rock). Beleive it or not, mans power even with nukes is miniscule on a planetary scale.

    • The water is not "chorinated" it is salt water. We have set of nuke blast in salt water many times. (BTW, the water is not poisonous. You can't drink it to supply your hydration needs due to the salt, but drinking it (sans oil) in and of itself would not kill you. Would make you more thirsty but that is basically it. Haven't you even been to the beach?)

      Second all that "fuel" you talk of needs substantial amounts of oxygen to burn. That oxygen is not present.

      Third you don't have "all sorts fuel" present. Remember the nuke would be in a well itself 10,000+ft deep seperated from the oil/gas by thousands of feet of concrere and/or X feet of natural strata, the nuke would be 10,000 feet away from the water and separated by 10,000 feet of cement. And the oil/gas vs. water largely separated by this distance or more of cement and natural strata. The nuke would be set much like they are/were for underground tests.

      Remember the idea is to glassify the strate to seal off the flow below a natural cap on the reservoir to break the connecting path the well bore provides between two naturally porous strata. This means beneath a bed rock, granite or similar layer (or a salt layer might work).

      Also do you not believe that before such a device was set off (which again I don't advocate or beleve will be needed), the gov't physicists and chemist (etc) would be able to calculate the various effects. Remember, BP can't set off a nuke. They don't have one. It would have to be the US gov't that did it.

    • No hurricane threat; HAARP steers them away, no worries there at all!

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