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  • crawdaddy39 crawdaddy39 Sep 7, 2010 1:50 PM Flag

    How are Republican's going to fix the problems they started...

    We see a lot of talk about November and historically the administration will lose seats in the Midterms.

    My question is what are the Republicans purposing that is different than the Bush administration. Why won't they tell the public how they will fix their mess? Do they have any idea? Will Boenher stop drinking?

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    • We don't care!

      We have plenty to talk about BP without having to rehash political garbage.


    • not only


      but "HELL<NO"

      If any dem would've said "no" the health bill would not have passed

      ONLY took ONE & they proved they can be bought.

      What is the old joke about that????


    • People like you are the price we pay for free speech. What an ignorant racist douchebag.

    • yeah they will insist that you have the finances before you buy a house. no more free lunch. they share the blame in not screaming loud enough against the libs for the real estate debacle. no more. by the way the dems have been in charge of the congress the past 4 years, give it up.

    • But then revenue to help pay off our nation's debt will not increase. Taxes have been low for too long and its hurt our economy...I don't mind paying more if it means our Country will be in better shape...why are you money-grubbers so unPatriotic when we have kids FIGHTING and DYING for our Country RIGHT NOW?
      Amazing selfishness in America...we truly deserve to cruble if we don't start living up to what our Declaration of Independence promises.

    • Nothing wrong with being a fiscal conservative (I ocnsider myself one)...but socially, a liberal attidude is best when you live in a Country that gurantees freedoms to its citizens regardless of race, religion, creed, etc.
      Just my two cents...

    • The last thing someone advocating for liberties, rights and freedoms should be for is increasing power and control by the gov't. Remember, if your rights and freedoms are derived from the gov't, then the gov't is free to take them back at will. Then entire purpose of the Bill of Rights (and the Constitution in general) is/was to define and limit gov't intrusion into our rights and freedoms.

      I don't fault (most) liberals for their desires, goals or motivations. I believe (nearly) everyone is aligned on what we would love to see. I think (nearly) everyone would love to see a utopian world. However, most have concluded such an ideal world is impossible. The political fight in the US is then largely on the best way to most closely approach that unacheivable utopia and where the sacrifices against that will be made.

    • how many republicans does it take to fix a problem? we may never know !

    • They have no solution...the GOP is simply hoping that the people forget who was in charge when this house of cards was being built and the Treasury was being looted. Problem is that there are many Americans stupid enough to believe their political spin and distortions...Bush was elected TWICE...need I say more?

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      • Amazing... You have it all figured out. Except for the fact that it was the very "liberal" policies that got us into the mess to begin with. Remember the fact that "liberals" think that everyone should be able to own a house without putting 20% down because that would be discriminating against certain people that can't afford to put 20% down. Somehow the fact that congress has been majority democrat for the last four years just slips right through the cracks of the fractured liberal brains. We did not have all of these problems if you recall until the last two years of Bush's presidency... and guess who was running congress for those last two years... the democrats. Learn your history.

        Another beautiful history lesson for you young ones that think the republicans are racist and the democrats are the progressive thinkers that have open arms to all races and think everyone should have an equal chance. You need to understand that you have been fooled over the recent years to believe that crap. The democrats understood that they had absolutely nothing worthy of the public vote and came up with this angle to get you small minded people looking for handouts to vote for them.
        History shows:
        A republican freed the slaves - I bet in your History they forgot to mention old Abe was a Republican. And the Confederate South (Dixiecrats) or the Democrats of today were the ones fighting to keep black people enslaved.
        Martin Luther King was a Republican in his early years and most of what he stood for is the same conservative principals that Republicans have always stood for.
        Democrats founded the KKK.
        Every incident in our history of when we took away the freedoms of minorities and/or foreign people in this country was done by presidents that were Democrats - do you recall the rounding up of the Japanese and other foreigners during the big wars... Democrats...

        It is awesome how blurred the history can get over time.

    • They'll start by not only passing bills/laws that they have read but make sense and can be can be understood.

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