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  • rdietsche34 rdietsche34 Feb 22, 2011 12:10 PM Flag

    It's like Cairo has moved to Madison.

    That's not true. When you compare private sector with their benefits to the public sector, work experience and education, the public sector workers still fall 4.9% behind the private sector. All public employees are eligible for 403B retirement plans. Those in the private sector have 401K retirement plans. The difference is that in the private sector, many employers match part of the investments by the employees while in the public sector, the employer provides no match for the employees contribution in a 403B. Let me remind you, the union agreed to up the percentage paid for health insurance and to pay the employees share of the retirement benefit. This was to help reduce the budget deficit. Busting the Union has nothing to do with reducing the budget deficit.

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    • Actually, its more true than not. Not all private sector employees get the things you say, yet all of the public sector employees get these benefits.

      Not to mention, public employees have other options as well, such as deferred comp, etc.

      Plus, the biggest difference of them all . . . . . it is possible for a lazy and imcompetent private sector employee to get fired, not so easy in the public sector. Pretty much have to be a complete degenerate to get fired in the public sector.

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