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  • reality90210 reality90210 Jun 15, 2011 11:02 AM Flag

    Reliance deal approved

    Everything seems positive, if only the oil spill hangover goes away... I am getting impatient with them when comparing to RDS. This stock should at least be in the mid fifties by now.
    Anybody have an intelligent clue when:
    1. US govt finally decides what penalties they will get?
    2. Allows them to drill in the Gulf?
    3. APC, RIG, CAM finally pay up?

    If the CEO is happy with $80 oil, he's had the last 6 months with $100 oil.. so they should be in much better shape...
    Also.. i'm not to please with their chairman as of late.. They both need to step it up !

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    • Well, I think the biggest problem here besides the GOM is that growth is dead in the sea at the moment. The money that they could have used for buying up new fields is going to the 40 billion waste bucket.

      What we have left is a company that makes good money at the moment but existing fields are getting depleted and highly dependent on oil prices as it cannot produce more.

      The penalty will be high or would be a political mistake for Obama unfortunately.

      We have a company that is cheap, pays a decent divy, you can sell option even weekly against to massage every penny out of it but unlikely to rally unless GOM back in full mode, new fields are increasing production, and the spill is behind it money wise.

      Worst case is a slow sliding down where I would cut my losses around 35. Best case is divy increase by end of year and some good news from India or Russia, or anywhere:)

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