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  • kenberthiaume123 kenberthiaume123 Jun 7, 2012 12:15 PM Flag

    BP's fines

    wasn't there something at the time of the spill that said BP couldn't be fined more than a few hundred million dollars or somthing? They said they'd pay to clean it up well beyond that and they have obviously.

    But if that limit is still in play (because it was changed only AFTER the spill), then does that cap their possible fines?

    Or does a possible negligence determination negate that?

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    • Guess you jailhouse lawyers have some "booklarnin' " to do !
      you can start with the oil pollution act.
      then read the clean air act. (guess you thought only the water was polluted, eh, geniuses ?)
      after that, go look at the coastal zone management act, the magnuson fishery conservation and management act, the marine mammals protection act, and their relevant regulations.
      don't forget what used to be the minerals management service. It's under new management, now, and they're no longer sleeping with the oil companies. They've got laws and regulations that are on point, too.
      then you can read the civil penalty policies for all the laws that are in play.
      when you get through with that, you can go to each of the affected gulf states, and check their laws and penalties, to see what will hit bp after the feds are done.
      happy due diligence, y'all !

    • There was no negligence...very very hard to prove criminal negligence in a case like this. And I agree. they owe 100 million.

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