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  • nomorehomes nomorehomes Feb 27, 2013 7:55 PM Flag

    Sorry to the good people of the United Kingdom

    You see, it is the greedy lawyers and the leaders who want to make our country like Greece and France that are doing this to BP. Many like myself realize the technology and decisions that must be made to be able to bring oil up from forty thousand feet below the surface and admire those who work to do so. The average mind in the USA can't keep it together long enough to string together a cogent sentence or idea and their minds have been ravaged by the politicians who allow them not to think by putting them on the public dole like sheep. If I had my way I would take care of the families that have lost someone on the rig that day and throw the rest of the lawsuits out of court and prosecute the ones that were brought fraudulently. I would make sure BP cleans up the coast if the oil has biomarkers tracing it to Macondo. I would also tax oil companies less so the poor of my country can afford to drive to work and pay their heating and a/c bills. Alas, I am not running things and when I hear someone like Harry Reid speak I just want to tell him to shutup and fire him but he is not my Senator so I cannot get him out. Those who voted him in were made promises by his like that the gov't cannot keep but the sheeple are too ignorant to figure it out. Sorry for my peers who do not seek to improve their lot by hard work but merely by the political process of voting and the legal system through the courts. The act of plunder here has reached dizzying heights and no one wants to do what is right ... only what will profit themself at the expense of the rest of society. Hopefully the Judge in the case will do the right thing but you never know. Good luck as I know many of you have pension money in BP.

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