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  • nadsmis nadsmis Jun 24, 2013 5:23 PM Flag

    LA admin lawyer forced to resign

    this is hilarious. Printed on June 21. Vikki didn't mention this story. lol. excerpt is following. google it for more reading pleasure (for BP long's)....

    For months, BP has complained that a Louisiana attorney who is administering its settlement with tens of thousands of Gulf Coast businesses and residents has made decisions that expose the company to what could be billions of dollars in fictitious claims arising from the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Now the court-appointed administrator himself is investigating allegations that could provide the London-based oil giant with fodder for its argument that it hasn't gotten a fair shake from the claims processing team.

    Lafayette-based lawyer Patrick Juneau confirmed Friday that he has opened an internal probe of alleged misconduct by one of his staff attorneys, Lionel H. Sutton III, who has been accused of collecting portions of settlement payments from a New Orleans law firm to which he had once referred claims.

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    • Not only did I mention the story, I posted twice on it, adding all the facts missing from the lame AP article. Either nadsmis is too dumb and forgets, or, like most BP longs, suffers from extreme "confirmation bias" which is where the human brain only remembers information it believes helpful to its already-formed views.

      Many BP longs suffer from confirmation bias. I post facts to help them shake out of this condition.

      Essay for dumb dumb nadsmis - go back and address the specific facts I posted and respond how this story helps longs in any way!!

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