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  • debrasteitztravel debrasteitztravel Jul 22, 2013 11:03 PM Flag

    Louisiana law does not recognize free speech

    Judge Barbier rebukes Bob Dudley for expressing his (Dudley's) free right of speech. These Louisiana judges are something else! Obviously a law unto themselves........and quite open about it to the whole world. Barbier's decision to keep the settlements pouring out is no surprise. Barbier has created and supported a system that corrupts the standard rule of settlement procedure. People who abuse the law generally don't get religion half way through their flawed strategy. The 'Barbier' fox is guarding his hen-house and the deserving people of the Gulf are victims of amateur mis-management. (I still remember the days when, in certain regions of Louisian I got speeding tickets........and I always made sure I was driving under the speed limit.......because the tickets were never filed, and never appeared on my record.........but the local Judge got my money!)

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    • Louisiana is an embarassement for the union. Personally I have never considered them part of the USA. We should not have helped them with Katrina. I want my money back. Is there a way to dispose of this "State"? Give it to Mexico? Perhaps all the illegal aliens should get a Louisiana passport? I take that back. They would all run to Mexico as fast as they could..

    • I went through Ft. Polk in 71 and liked La., but wasn't surprised when half the New Orleans PD was corrupt. In the end, BP will prosper.

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    • You hit the nail on the head. I listened to the hearing on the 1-800 number and heard this rogue judge going off on BP attorneys, but when an attorney who said he was there on Juneau's behalf stepped up, it was like a love fest. After that attorney was done, the attorney for the plaintiffs stepped up and - literally - said he had nothing to add since the "neutral" Juneau attorney covered it all. This Judge is not only corrupt, he's a thin-skinned man who will attack anyone who he thinks criticizes him. Exactly who should NOT be a judge.

      It's a total sham down there and a crying shame to see our country act this way to the rest of the world. I can promise you this, if there is ever another accident in the Gulf, no oil company will ever waive the liability cap under the Oil Pollution Act, or agree to anything.

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      • Hopefully the Supreme Court is going to get this case. I can't see the Supreme Court allowing what is going on to continue. If BP is happy about Louis Freeh's appt. hopefully it is for good reason. Hopefully Freeh will uncover what needs to be uncovered, if anything, and BP can go after anyone who is breaking the law personally and the state's themselves for their wrongs, if any.

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