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  • vikkitrader vikkitrader Oct 21, 2013 2:10 PM Flag

    "What BP Owes America"

    By David Yarnold, 10/20/13, Pres/CEO National Audubon Society.

    The most important and balanced article you will read on the trial, without the corporate spin everything from BP has. Read it, please.

    "The BP oil spill civil trial in U.S. district court in New Orleans is an important moment for the future of the Gulf Coast, the efficacy of U.S. environmental protections and the accountability of corporations under the rule of law."

    Thank you to those open minded enough to consider each viewpoint. To those who don't, perhaps you should walk in the shoes of a victim to learn a bit about real life.

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    • I am sure Mr Yarnold is also demanding that all these windmills be taken down also since they are killing far more birds and continue to each day.

    • Ugh. ikki is back. we thought, and hoped, we were rid of you. i suggested that you may have driven off into the sunset (towards Asia) with Tommy Chop Chop in his company owned truck. bummer. so now, you have dredged up, and posted, another negative report to attack BP.

      is this because BP is currently up .46% today while COP (a good company) is down .52%? This while BP yield is 4.98% while COP yield is 3.76%? i know these are measuring sticks for you as you claim to own COP yet have never claimed to be shorting BP. you simply encourage others to.

      For every negative report, how many positive reports have you ignored? a ratio of mayhaps 3 positive to every 1 negative? yet your posts are 100% negative. why is that?

      geez, can't Chop Chop keep you happy?

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • The reason the ratio of bad to good news on BP reports I post is what it is, because THAT'S WHAT THE ACTUAL NEWS IS.

        My God, he's dumb. GO ahead, post the "good news" that you claim I neglect. All you do is sit in your moldy recliner eating cheese puffs posting nonsense and racist diatribes!! Post something worthwhile, or graze another fritos pasture YOU WISCONSIN CHEESEHEAD.

        (Yes, Tom looked you up and told me where you live fatso).

        Sorry to be mean to others who follow my information posts on this thread, but this nadsmis gets under my skin. I promise not to be distracted again.


    • To clarify, the quoted part in my post is only the first paragraph of the article. There is more to it that you should read. The other part that is not in quotes is what I wrote, and was not in the article. That was my part, not Mr. Yarnold's. What I meant was, here's the intro, now you need to google it and read the rest yourself. I neglected to mention that and just wanted to clarify in case there was confusion. Txs ;)

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