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  • retiredbill retiredbill Apr 16, 2014 2:13 AM Flag

    Active Shoreline Cleanup Operations from Deepwater Horizon Accident End

    Release date: 15 April 2014
    $14 billion and 70-million man-hours expended, 778 miles cleaned milestone marks major step toward honoring BP’s commitment to the Gulf

    From BP Website............Google the header....................

    HOUSTON – The U.S. Coast Guard today ended patrols and operations on the final three shoreline miles in Louisiana, bringing to a close the extensive four-year active cleanup of the Gulf Coast following the Deepwater Horizon accident. These operations ended in Florida, Alabama and Mississippi in June 2013.

    “Reaching this milestone is the result of the extraordinary efforts of thousands of people from BP, local communities, government agencies, and academic institutions working together,” said John Mingé, Chairman and President of BP America. “Immediately following the Deepwater Horizon accident, BP committed to cleaning the shoreline and supporting the Gulf’s economic and environmental recovery. Completing active cleanup is further indication that we are keeping that commitment.”

    The large-scale cleanup effort, combined with early restoration projects and natural recovery processes, is helping the Gulf return to its baseline condition, which is the condition it would be in if the accident had not occurred. Although active cleanup has ended, the entire area of response is subject to the National Response Center (NRC) process. Coast Guard personnel are pre-positioned to investigate any further reports of oil-based material.

    “BP has spent more than $14 billion and more than 70 million personnel hours on response and cleanup activities,” said Laura Folse, BP’s executive vice president for Response and Environmental Restoration. “Even though active cleanup has ended, we will keep resources in place to respond quickly at the Coast Guard’s direction if potential Macondo oil is identified and requires removal.”


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    • Another BP lie. No surprise. The Coast Guard had to schedule a press conference to set the record straight on BP's lie:

      “I was really disappointed and I was shocked when I read some of the stuff in the press yesterday evening,” said Sparks, who serves as Federal On-Scene Commander for the spill, at the beginning of an appearance scheduled to brief the state’s coastal authority on the status of the cleanup.

      “I had significant problems with some of the facts, a lot of the language, but most of all the overall tone and theme of the responsible party press release,” Sparks said. “I found it to be very misleading.”

      BP does not speak for the Coast Guard, he said, “and we are a long, long way from the response being complete, going back to operations as normal, or resuming business as usual.”

    • Thanks, Bill. Let's hope the legal fiasco comes to an end soon as well.

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