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  • retiredbill retiredbill Apr 20, 2014 7:32 PM Flag

    BP Spill Fines Pay for Inland Cleanup

    April 18, 2014
    BP Spill Fines Pay for Inland Cleanup

    Google the header.............

    Believe me, this issue is far worst then the BP Oil Spill will ever be. The oil spill is gone and
    cleaned up. Of course, there will be some residual matters or issues, and they will be addressed by BP!

    Now read on...............But of course, we never hear anything about this, RIGHT!

    ** Local officials within 25 miles of the coast are eligible for billions of dollars and plan to spend that penalty money in a novel way: cleaning up water that gets polluted BEFORE it ever gets to the Gulf.

    The idea is to prevent RAW SEWAGE and CONTAMINATED RUNOFF from flowing into the ocean, where it damages beaches and threatens commercial fishing.

    Fertilizer-tainted, muddy runoff water and septic-tank overflow has long plagued Gulf states from Texas to Florida. It sweeps down rivers, settles at the coast and kills sea grass that acts as a nursery and forage area for shrimp, crab and dozens of fish species. When the grass dies, so does the sea life that would normally move farther offshore and support a broader ecosystem. **


    You Juveniles complaining about the BP Spill should read the following article about Natural Oil and Gas Spills
    into the Gulf........

    " 500,000 Barrels of Oil Leak into Gulf of Mexico "


    Now Grow Up and Quit your whining and complaining about the BP Spill and address an issue that has Contaminated the Gulf for years! Just remember, oil naturally seeps into the gulf from the seabed. However, MAN MADE issues are much more devastating!

    I don`t have to mention names.
    Sadly, but true, as we all know, some never grow up!


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    • If war breaks out bp will go lower. Russia will cause problems for BP.
      I like COP better!

    • Bill,

      Google the header "BP refuses to fund Gulf oil spill studies." Ask yourself, why would a company pay 1000s of times more $$ on lawyers than a single study to see how the Gulf recovered from the worst spill in US history.

      The answer is common sense. The results of the study would not be good for BP or its shareholders. No wonder you longs don't want the truth.

      • 3 Replies to vikkitrader
      • IkkiTraitor, you continue to represent yourself as aTraitor and a Fraud!

        Get lost Loser!


      • Did you actually read this story?

        "... the US government last year requested $148m from BP to fund studies this year in to the effect of the spill. But the company refused to pay for most of them arguing that it should not be forced to finance studies that it is not allowed to see."
        "BP has paid more than $1bn for the Natural Resource Damage Assessment – a multiyear research programme, including more than 240 studies – that is intended to provide a comprehensive assessment of the harm done by the spill. "
        "The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a US government agency, wrote to BP last July seeking almost $148m to pay for “injury assessment and restoration planning activities”, including funding of $2.2m for research into the recovery of the coastal wetlands, more than $10m for dolphins and whales and $22m for oysters."
        "BP replied to the NOAA request rejecting the majority of those requests, saying it was concerned over “the lack of visibility and accountability” "

        Did you know that it was actually the state of La that destroyed the oyster beds when they flooded them with fresh water as a knee-jerk reaction to the spill before they understood what was going on?

      • ikkitrader,
        by you saying "longs don't want the truth", you insinuate that you are short when in fact, you have no monetary investment either way. it is preposterous that you would even use the word "truth" when you are the biggest phoney, and most disengenuous poster on the Yahoo finance boards since wintoat disappeared.

        Bill has a vested interest and, as in the case of 99% of investors and traders, desires the truth. we want to know the truth about any issue that may impact share prices. By the same token, when an obvious internet troll attacks a company with malicious posts, an investor will often counter.

        the truth? you are a misguided pathetic spinster offering nothing of value hence, your low position in life.

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