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  • vikkitrader vikkitrader Apr 21, 2014 11:48 AM Flag

    Phase 3 of Trial Set

    Judge Barbier issued an order this morning scheduling phase 3 to start 1/20/15 and end 2/5. This is the "penalty" phase. I wonder why BP won't fund efforts to asses the damage to the Gulf? Because they are required to pay for ongoing damages. Please don't put your pocketbook ahead of the environment, and if you're a shareholder, contact BP to do the right thing!

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    • contact BP to do the right thing!

      Vikki: Oh Vikki, how confused you are. First, we discussed claimants ripping off BP, you argued decorum and insisted that morality had no part since the only thing that mattered were legal principles. Now you want to argue the opposite. You can't have it both ways...choose one. And stop flip flopping.

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      • welcome back daven. interesting, isn't she?

        you would think if she really wanted to attack a company due to ethics, safety, environmental issues, etc., that she would go after GM. GM being sued by IRS for tax evasion and a multitude of families for not recalling product that directly contributed to over a dozen deaths. Then there is the TARP ripoff and a new congressional investigation. So, why BP?

        i still think it is personal with her. she must a former terminated employee or been jilted by a BP officer. must be some explantion for her lengthy obsession.

        Sure was nice to see BP up .67% on a black day for Wall Street. Also noticed that utilities were all up too. Altho I got hit today, still a lot of solace in outperforming the market.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • How long is the oldfart going to string this along? Sounds like he's still looking for a book deal.

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      • I don't think it's fair to lay sole responsibility on the judge for "stringing along" the upcoming penalty phase of the trial between parties who seemingly can't agree on anything. The post-trial briefing on the last phase between those same parties -- BP and the DOJ -- wasn't finished until 12/20/13, and in the midst of all the fighting between BP and the class of plaintiffs over their 2012 settlement, he has had to digest all the evidence from the first two phases and the mountain of post-trial briefs from each phase in order to issue his detailed decision on all the outstanding issues, which should happen any time now. As for the next phase, when the DOJ and BP were unable to agree on the perameters of that one (surprise!), including the appropriate extent of "discovery" on the issues involved, the judge issued a detailed order on 3/21/14 that addressed those issues and set the 3 week trial to begin on 1/20/15.

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