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  • joewillie2549 joewillie2549 Aug 4, 2008 11:46 AM Flag


    CSBI is a real company with real revenues and products, unlike many other bulletin board stocks on the pink sheets.

    They made over 7 million dollars last year according to the financials they released last December. This was for the first six months of 2007-- with revenues over 35 million dollars.

    They have 1500 and some SHelby GT500KR's going out at $79,900 each and these cars are sold to dealers.

    They have made another 5 year deal with Ford to produce more cars.

    What's not to like? What has changed? We just need more info from them on the second half of 2007 and the first half of 2008. I think this lack of information has sunk the stock. Investors lose patience.

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    • This is an outsider question, maybe you guys know the answer. A five year contract with Ford to build gas guzzlers sounds a little weak to me, and could easily end up on the chopping block at Ford HQ. Has anyone noticed they are moving assertively to cancel/sell
      whateer isn't green? Any insight? They cannot be making much money on this deal, and it may be seen as hurting the "new" image.

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      • Collectors and enthusiasts like me buy Shelby Mustangs. Performance isn't going away. Plus, the 2008 and 2009 Shelby Mustang GT500KR is sold out. I believe the run is over 1,500 copies at $79,900 each. Dealers are getting more than this sticker price because the cars are so hot. Shelby Mustangs are temporary use vehicles for recreation fun. Fod loves to sell Mustangs to Shelby. The Mustang isn't going away. Various iterations of the steed get reasonably good gasoline mileage.

        Also, Shelby is a small company that can move fast into different markets. I saw an electric Cobra on television they put together. The car was awesome. Shelby has been into a varity of different fuels, including hydrogen, in his career. Carroll is an amazing man with a great organization.

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